On the occasion of World Guinness World Records Day, we review some of the most extravagant and incredible feats of this year.

We all have a quality, something that sets us apart from the rest or that allows us to stand out. However, becoming the first, the one that more than more than more of all, is not a possibility that is within the reach of many.

Even more so if we talk about feats such as being the person who has the most tattoos on the body (after spending more than 1,000 hours tattooing); match the longest human, who died at 122; or have the longest beard of all time, about 5.33 meters.

However, if we achieve any milestone or are better at something than everyone else, then we are record humans and have the right to appear in the new edition of the most famous book in the world, the Guinness World Records 2020.

This great updated compilation brings us the most unprecedented and jocular records by sections that include science, nature, technology, sports or entertainment among others and that, in addition, comes with a special mention to the best Spanish records that have managed to make a foothold in these pages.

We take advantage of the World Guinness World Records Day to tell you some of the most bizarre, fun or scandalous feats of this our world that you can find in it:

one Back to morse code

As far as humans are concerned, a somewhat strange and very innovative milestone is that achieved by Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas. They carry the world's first bluetooth dental implants, which allows them to communicate with each other using the morse code. It's as simple as having an app and pressing on one of the teeth. Learning the morse code is another world …

2 The Big Surprise

The tallest tree in the world is a redwood called ‘Hyperion’, which measured 115.85 meters in 2017. This tree takes 20 meters to the Elizabeth Tower, again known as Big Ben. It is seen that watering a little got out of hand! However, the tallest tree of all time measured nothing more or nothing less than 146.3 meters, taller than the London Eye!

3 Step by step

Can you imagine living the movie of Jaws for almost 400 years? Well, with the shark that was discovered in 2016 and its more than 392 years, we would have had a movie for a while.

It is a Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus), fish and even the longest vertebrate ever known. It is also true that until 150 years this species does not reach sexual maturity, so, well, life at another rate, without haste.

4 A nightmare at home

You feel like eating pizza and you say, well, since we are, let's ask the biggest pizza in the world And bring it home. Well, it will not be, because the record is taken by a daisy with a total area of ​​1,261.65 m2. To give you an idea, it could cover (and left over) the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Total, that does not enter you at home. Of course, most of the portions were destined to social dining rooms, so it was a great solidarity pizza.

5 There is no match for so much goal

In one of the milestones when it comes to sports, we have our dear FC Barcelona striker, Lionel Messi, which broke the record for the most goals scored in the League with 417 goals in 451 games. If you do the accounts, it means an average of almost one goal per game.

Another football feat is that of Ada Hegerberg, who with 41 goals is very close to being the player who has scored the most goals in the UEFA Women's Champions League. And attention, because it was also the first to receive the Women's Golden Ball. That is no longer taken away from anyone!

6 It's cheese, we paid for it!

At home we don't fall short in terms of records either. And here goes one of the most gourmet, because the most expensive cheese sold at auction It was bought in Oviedo. The restaurant El Llagar de Colloto paid 14,300 euros for just over two and a half kilos of Cabrales cheese. But it's cheese … It's understandable, isn't it? If not, ask Geronimo Stilton. 😉

7 Dresses not suitable for a rainy day

Another world record that stays at home is taken by the city of Mollerussa (Lleida) where the Mollerussa Paper Vest Museum treasures nothing more or nothing less than 325 life-size paper dresses. Almost a model for every day of the year!

8 The dizzying box office

Cinema is still an art of records and animated films are proof of this: The Incredibles 2 It is the original animated film with the highest gross income. Pixar's tape raised $ 1,242,532,436, a figure only surpassed by Frozen which, with a gross collection of $ 1,272,469,910, crowns the income podium as an animated film of all time.

What's more, the trailer for its sequel, Frozen 2, obtained 116.4 million viewings in one day, another record figure!

And you? Are you a record? For now we recommend that you look through the book and see if you can think of any skill or characteristic or whatever it is that you are unbeatable. Who knows, maybe we will read you in the next edition.

Until then, we can assure you that with this new edition of the book Guinness World Records You will learn a lot of curiosities and incredible facts.

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