Today Plenary was held electronically at the Almería City Council and the three motions that have presented VOX have been approved. The municipal group has registered an initiative on mental health that, thanks to the support of the rest of the political groups (Partido Popular, PSOE, Ciudadanos and Podemos), it is already an institutional declaration.

This motion has been proposed on the occasion of World Mental Health Day and VOX transfers the work and effort made by the groups that work with people who suffer some type of mental impairment and who constantly fight to raise awareness in society of the serious problem that a part of our population suffers. It is proposed to continue promoting policies for the sensitization and awareness of the population in matters of mental health and, in addition, the commitment of the Almería City Council is requested to promote greater care and help to people affected by some type of mental illness.

On the other hand, the motion presented by the municipal group VOX in the Almería City Council in which the improvement of the means and a greater commitment in the control of irregular immigration, has also been approved with the positive vote of the Popular Party, Citizens and the non-attached councilor. They have not supported the PSOE and Podemos motion.

VOX asks the increase in the staff of both the National Police and the Civil Guard so that the province of Almería improves its border security quotas, and not to turn it into a “bridge” city, which facilitates the arrival of irregular immigrants, such as the Southern Border and Schengen for the rest of Spain and Europe, thus causing a situation of citizen insecurity and uncertainty in public health.

Finally, the motion defended by the VOX spokesperson in the Almería City Council, Juan Francisco Rojas, for the promotion of minority sports practices such as boxing, by improving municipal infrastructures, has been approved unanimously. At the request of the rest of the political groups, all minority sports are covered.

Sports practice is a necessary element in the education and training of human beings. Sport helps children develop both physically and mentally. Physical activity should be part of your day to day, as the benefits are multiple: it helps them in psychomotor development and to relate, teaches them to follow and respect rules, to work as a team, to recognize the importance of personal effort and to set goals.

The municipal group VOX shows its satisfaction with the support for their motions and continues to work for the city of Almería.

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