• The plan allocates more than 9 million to the acquisition of efficient vehicles, in addition to the installation of 26 charging points
  • The majority option of users has been the purchase of electric cars

The Mobility with Alternative Energy Vehicles (Movea Plan) plan has distributed 9,258,646 euros in aid for the acquisition of alternative energy vehicles in 2017, of which 202,196 have been used for the installation of charging points. The profile of the average beneficiary of the aid has been that of a private individual who has acquired a new electric tourism. Comunidad de Madrid, Cataluña, and Comunidad Valenciana lead the purchases thanks to the initiative.

The majority of the vehicles acquired through the program have been those powered by electric power (67%), those operating with Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) have represented 21%, and those of Natural Gas 12%. 96% of the reserves correspond to new vehicles and the rest to used vehicles less than nine months old. The average life of cars to be squashed is 16.5 years.

For Autonomous Communities, the Community of Madrid has been the most validated applications with 1,093, followed by Catalonia with 590 and the Valencian Community with 171. After them, Andalusia (97), Castilla y León (72), Basque Country and Canary Islands (68) and Galicia (66).

Due to the legal nature of the beneficiaries, the requests of individuals (1,349) have been the majority, followed by companies with 895.

Program figures

In total, the program has received 4,352 applications, of which 4,166 were directed to vehicles and 186 to charging points. Of the 4,166 requests for assistance for vehicles, 2,444 have been validated and 870 rejected for failing to comply with the program bases either by conditions or by term. The dealers for their part have canceled another 331 applications. 521 requests were also canceled on the waiting list that were not activated either due to lack of funds or by request from the point of sale. For charging points, 26 requests have been validated.

In global figures, both for cars and for charging points, the admitted reserves of the plan were 3,441 for an amount of 13,385,330 Euros. 2,470 files have been validated (72.4% of those evaluated) and 941 were rejected, the amount amounting to 4,128,684 euros, for failing to comply with the program bases. Hence, the 14.2 million with which the call came out were not covered.

Movea Plan

The objective of the Movea Plan is the promotion of the acquisition of vehicles with alternative energies, as well as the granting of aid for the implementation of charging points for electric vehicles.

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