CsD October 8

It seems that both the mayor and her team do not fit with too much "sportsmanship" the criticism that she has recently made VOX about them and their dictatorial way of governing.

One of the members of the working group of VOX In the town, on September 30, he requested permission to install an informational table on Sunday the 11th, in the Plaza de la Constitución, from 11.00 to 14.30.

This request, which to date had always been made by word of mouth or online without the consistory putting any impediment, was rejected until the aforementioned party member proved to represent it.

On October 1, he presented the corresponding certificate proving the representation of the party in Benicarló, and for that specific act, of the member and neighbor who had requested the permit.

On October 6, the representative of VOX receives a phone call and a subsequent email from the official R.I.M with the following text:

Bon dia,

With regard to the authority for the occupation of the requested public highway, it is necessary to indicate that in a physical document you are signed by you, or in an electronic mail, as indicated in the long telephone conversation:

– Lloc i time of performance of l’acte

– Name of people who will attend

– Measure what is on

– Declared in which they indicate that he is a fan responsible for the compliance of the adopted measures and of the conseqüències that is due to derive from the failure to comply

It is donated trasllat d’aquesta information to the Commission in charge of fer

the follow-up of the actions that is to develop the municipality in

related to the nova normality derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moltes gràcies.

Greetings cordials,

  1. I. M. (The name and surname are omitted for data protection)

Benicarló Town Hall

Note that the place and time are already included both in the application and in the representation accreditation certificate.

Number of people who will attend? The City Council requires VOX to be a fortune teller and, where appropriate, to violate the Data Protection Law by providing data of the allegedly responsible.

Measures to be taken? About what? They wonder in VOX

Statement of responsibility? Responsible for the consequences?

We could deduce, extrapolating this requirement, that the Mayor is responsible for all infections that have occurred in the town since she is the highest authority.

Finally, they do not deprive themselves of informing "their political commissariat" all the information they request.

Political courtesy and collaboration, especially when we go through a serious crisis, should be above the differences of thought unless only one of the thoughts has a "license" to act, which would turn our democracy into the dictatorship of single thought. the one that many aspire to.

Meanwhile, the residents of Benicarló must know the impediments they receive VOX to carry out their work and the concept of democracy that their Municipal Government has.

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