The spokesperson of the Municipal Group of VOX in the City Council of Jaén, Salud Anguita, together with the councilor Manuel Ureña have visited the bus station of the capital to denounce the situation of "saturation" of immigrants that the city suffers "while waiting for what may come from the Canary Islands ».

«Since the convicted of corruption Gaspar Zarrías decided to 'give us' an airport, changing the name to Granada to include Jaén, he made us participate in everything that may happen in it, and the images that have been leaked these days of the The arrival of airplanes from the Canary Islands has been really scandalous, "Salud Anguita lamented, asking" Did Julio Millán, mayor of Jaén, know this? Has someone from the government party, which is yours, communicated this to you? As there are already hundreds in the city, it is very likely that these immigrants will take a bus and come to Jaén to look for a cut in the olive that, unfortunately, there is not.

During that visit, Salud Anguita could see how the bus station has become another hostel in the city. "There are clothes hanging, people sleeping on the chairs, shopping bags." "From certain hours the insecurity is patent," he denounced. «The City Council has already had to provide facilities and extra money for seasonal workers in this campaign and, however, we see that they are totally insufficient. How many resources will be necessary in the face of this avalanche? ”Declared Salud Anguita.

For his part, Councilor Manuel Ureña recalled that “If the arrivals of the irregular from the Canary Islands to Jaén occur, as we fear, the health situation, which has cost everyone so much effort to control, can become, once again, very complicated ».

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