The spokesperson for the Municipal Group of VOX in the City Council of Jaén, Salud Anguita, denounces the "obscurantism and bad forms" of the Government Team with public transport in the capital, since no data is being provided on the bridge contract or the future tender for the service to the opposition and, furthermore, not to the current concessionaire.

Salud Anguita made these statements at the end of the meeting that it has held with representatives of the company Autobuses Castillo, who have affirmed that they feel "persecuted" by the municipal government, which is taking all the steps so that "the service ends up being provided by a multinational company and not one from Jaén ”.

"At VOX we do not understand the rush of the City Council with the issue of urban buses, especially because what is in its power, such as improving the Operation Assistance Service, providing the city with BUS lanes or designing efficient lines and stops are not it is being carried out, while the inks are charged against the concessionaire, ”explained Salud Anguita, who said that it was“ very concerned ”about some of the data that was transmitted to it from the company:“ They are talking about the City Council wanting to tender a service with 56 workers, when there are currently 73 on the staff. Will the City Council improve the service by laying off workers? It seems that it is their only solution to everything: create more unemployment ”.

At the meeting, Castillo revealed some data regarding the configuration of the new service that "worries" the Municipal Group of VOX. “There is talk that the price of the journey would be around the euro with 20 cents, although the ticket would remain at the same price. This implies having to increase the subsidy through the bonobús, which would practically have to, at least, double. We would be talking about that the Consistory would have to put more than two million euros of its own resources. Will it imply a new tax increase to be able to meet those expenses? We are going to a worse and much more expensive service; We are very afraid that this process will have a very unpleasant end for the people of Jaén, ”said Salud Anguita.

Salud Anguita also exposed other issues “There has been a drop in travelers of almost 83% this year, if the company claims compensation, it is logical to think that the courts would agree with it. Especially when the City Council maintains nonsense such as that there are bus lines circulating until 11:30 p.m. with a curfew at 10:00 p.m. or that a line is forced to provide five services a day to the Hospital de El Neveral, which is closed ”. "These are measures that seem made to damage the concessionaire," stressed Anguita.

In addition, and after exchanging data with the company, Salud Anguita abounded “that precautionary measures have not been accepted because the service continues to be provided is not a legal victory for the Consistory, you can go ahead with the bridge contract and the subsequent tender, but This does not imply that skipping a contract in force and without serious breaches may entail a request for millionaire compensation to the City Council ”. “An‘ ad hoc ’liquidation is being designed with many shortcomings and in an irresponsible way, with the prospect of not reaching the legal minimums. We can end up paying two bus services, the one that is going to be provided and the one that has stopped, due to the irresponsibility of the mayor and his councilors, who once again work under the socialist paradigm of 'public money belongs to nobody '”, Declared Salud Anguita.

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