Murcia, March 25, 2020.- At VOX we believe that all the resources of the Nation should be put at the service of the Spanish, which means that not a single euro of public money can be used for any purpose other than to help the Spanish to come out of the health and economic emergency in which we find ourselves immersed.

From the Municipal VOX Group in the Murcia City Council we have presented to the Municipal Government Board a series of economic measures to fight this crisis:

1st. Fiscal Contingency Plan to reduce the fiscal burdens of families in the situation of confinement or isolation and compensate for the losses derived from the increase in unemployment or the stoppage of business activity, such as the reduction of 50% of all municipal taxes whose taxable event is linked to the development of a commercial or business activity (garbage rate, rate for occupation of the public domain for terraces of bars and restaurants or vendors in municipal, fixed or mobile markets), as well as the postponement of payment of the construction tax , facilities and works of any work that has been paralyzed by the sanitary crisis or the declaration of the state of alarm (in the event that they have already been liquidated there would be a 50% refund).

2nd. Postpone two months the fulfillment of all the neighboring fiscal obligations with Municipalities subject to term – including the payment of taxes – to count from the declaration of end of pandemic issued by the competent authority.

3rd. Suspension of the accrual of the canon or the rent of municipal concessions or rentals to those merchants or entrepreneurs who are affected by activity restrictions.

4th. Total elimination of regulated parking areas.

5th. Automatic extension for the same time that the exceptional situation of the execution and completion periods lasts in 3 months with respect to those established in the granting of the license, subject to extension.

6th. Prepare and approve an Unnecessary Spending Reduction Plan, identifying all the non-essential needs to suspend its execution definitively during the year 2020 with the corresponding budgetary reallocations and proceeding to suspend the execution of all the non-executed budget items – totally or partially- that refer to non-essential or unnecessary expenses for the fight against the health crisis, including, among others:

a) Suspension of the payment of subsidies to unions, business organizations, political parties, municipal political groups and associations or entities whose activity is not commercial in nature and is not directly linked to the guarantee of employment, health, citizen security, food or the home of the most needy.

b) Suspension of all procedures for direct award or competitive competition to grant subsidies or aid to unions, business organizations, political parties, municipal groups, associations or entities whose activity is not commercial in nature and is not directly linked to employment guarantee , health, citizen security, food or housing for those most in need.

7 °. Allocate the necessary part of the municipal surplus, whose budgetary allocation has released RD Law 8/2020, exclusively to mitigate the effects of the health crisis and the state of alarm; and always within the Unnecessary Spending Reduction Plan.

From the Municipal VOX Group at the Murcia City Council we believe that Murcia should protect itself and at the same time, it should not stop.
Together we will overcome this crisis.

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