Sanlúcar de Barrameda, August 18, 2020. José Manuel Martínez Ayala, spokesperson for the Muncipal VOX Group in Sanlúcar de Barrameda applauds the launch of the Employment Plan, Although it regrets the confusion, which in the first days of its implementation have generated to the neighbors, who, interested in joining the selection process, were not clear about the way in which to submit the applications.

Martínez Ayala qualifies as a waste of time the first days of launching the initiative, since launching a call without having clear ideas leads to disorder and disorganization. The VOX councilor does not understand that citizens are only allowed to submit applications electronically, and considers this exclusive fact since not everyone does not have a digital certificate to do so.

On the other hand, The VOX spokesperson regrets that Sanlúcar residents had to lose two days to process their requests, since, although the government team reported, through a press release, in which it explained that in addition to the telematic means, the interested parties could send the requests to the municipal corporation by face-to-face via appointment, many users have shown their discomfort, since the enabled phone was not answered and when they did, the interlocutors excused themselves saying that they still did not have the platform enabled to make an appointment.

Faced with this situation, the Municipal VOX Group calls on the government team to enable more user service points, and if necessary, incorporate the municipal registry itself to facilitate the delivery of applications in person; since with only three service posts, appointments run out very quickly and this generates discomfort among users who are forced to return to municipal offices on several occasions.

On the other hand, Ayala emphasizes that if they enable more service points, it would avoid the long queues that have been generated, such as those originated in the Post Office, since many neighbors are fed up with the loss of time generated by the disastrous municipal organization, choose to send their applications by certified mail, a fact that also generates an expense for the neediest people.

VOX considers that it is essential to give an urgent solution to the reception of applications so that the employment plan reaches the largest number of people and thus guarantees that all citizens have the same possibility of accessing the job bank.

Finally, Martínez Ayala wanted to remember that he will be waiting and waiting for everything that happens with these job boards; since they have not been opened for several years and its implementation can help alleviate the number of unemployed in the city that is at the head of the province in unemployment rate, so it hopes that the process will be developed in the optimal conditions of equality, competition and possibility of access for all Sanluqueños and that this process does not become a mere mechanism of plugging in by people close to them.

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