ANEBP is the only National Association of Spanish companies dedicated to Professional Diving, which It brings together the majority of the main companies in the sector of our country and represents them as employers against all public administrations, contributing to the development of regulations, safety conditions at work, development of professional qualifications and in general to participation, advice and contribution in all those actions aimed at standardization and improvement of our activity.

ANEBP pursues:

– Promote the highest possible standards in health and safety, technology, quality and efficiency, protection and care of the environment.

– Achieve and maintain self-regulation of the sector.

Facilitate the free movement of personnel and equipment throughout the national territory.

– Reach fair recruitment regimes.

– Provide a common framework for the training and coaching, certification, competence and hiring of personnel that support and sustain the industry in our sector.

– Respond to the issues of the sector and promote cooperation at all levels.

The members of ANEBP are companies from different sectors, such as construction and civil engineering, specialists in underwater work in dams, work in offshore, naval sector, and also companies dedicated to training and specialists in professional diving equipment. ANEBP has two fundamental areas in which its members participate:

– General Members: Companies dedicated to the realization of professional diving work.

– Associate Members: companies intimately linked to the sector such as professional diving training schools and companies selling and distributing professional diving equipment.

In the image, Javier Calderón, Director of Businesses and Organizations of CEOE with Javier Ferran Arderiu, President, Arturo Villazón Granda, Vice President and Miguel Angel Somma Sain, Manager, respectively of ANEBP during the meeting where issues have been addressed in order to improve the profitability ratios of companies, expand operational capacity, gain in size and go to other markets reaffirming and strengthening the commitment of the companies that conform with the compliance with the safety standards for underwater activities reached in the Second Convention of Professional Diving and Hyperbaric Media.

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