The national deputies Joaquín Robles and Lourdes Méndez have presented in Congress a series of questions in relation to the terrible conditions that the Civil Guards are living in the Hotel Cenajo de Moratalla, Murcia.

Through a statement released by agencies, these professionals denounced last Friday the lack of material resources and poor working conditions in the custody of illegal immigrants who, due to having had close contact with those infected with Coronavirus, are quarantined in said hotel.

As has been denounced through the media, the conditions in which the Civil Guards are forced to work are unsustainable, since they carry out ten-hour shifts in which they lack basic facilities such as toilets and covered spaces or with shadow.

In this statement, the members of the Civil Guard show their concern about the growing episodes of violence among inmates, to which are added the problems of communications and logistics, as well as the remoteness of the facilities and the terrible state of the roads that lead to them.

That is why Robles and Méndez have submitted the following written questions to the Government:

What instructions has the Government Delegate in Murcia received aimed at solving these problems?

How does the Government intend to guarantee conditions that allow our Civil Guard to fulfill its function in minimally dignified conditions in this settlement of illegal immigrants in Murcia?

What plans do you have for these illegal immigrants after the lockdown?

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