Valladolid, February 26, 2020.-

The national deputy of VOX for Valladolid, Pablo Sáez, has presented to the table of the Congress of Deputies a battery of questions, for his answer in writing,

referring to Valladolid and its province. Among the questions asked is the one referring to the 35 level crossings that exist in the province of Valladolid; which are the Government's plans regarding them as well as the order from highest to lowest determined, according to the intensity of traffic they suffer, taking into account that ADIF has suppressed ten level crossings in Castilla y León in the last five years.

On the other hand, and in relation to the Industrial Investment Support Program (REINDUS), the question is aimed at knowing if any of the projects presented by Valladolid companies have been left out of such support and the reasons in the case of having happened.

With respect to the Villanubla airport and due to the considerable decrease in the number of travelers it suffers, the question asked is whether the Government has any concrete initiative to strengthen said airport. Regarding the irregular water wells of the province, the questions have been aimed at knowing the number of perforations pending legalization, if any plan is contemplated by the CHD to solve this problem, and finally, if it has been estimated by the Confederation the number of hectares affected by irrigation of water extracted from wells pending legalization.

To these questions have been added again pending questions from the Government regarding the A-62, the impact of Brexit on the export activity of the Valladolid automobile sector, measures in the fight against depopulation of the province, the locomotive deposit and the impact of the submerged economy on the whole economy of the province.

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