The National Dramatic Center (CDN) inaugurates new content and creations on the digital platform #LaVentanaDelCDN

The National Dramatic Center (CDN) inaugurates new content and creations on the digital platform #LaVentanaDelCDN, starting the section "The theater to come" with colloquia, essays, interviews and masterclass, among other activities, which will form a new digital magazine linked to Thought and the Performing Arts

Reference names in contemporary theater and culture such as Lola Arias, Quique Spleen, Christiane Jatahy, Andrés Lima, Fabrice Murgia, Roland Schimmelpfennig and Remedios Zafra inaugurate a cycle of master classes and colloquia within this new "theater to come"

Creators and creators of different disciplines such as Raúl Aguirre, Nao Albet, Paco Azorín, Xavier Bobés, Albert Boronat, Ana Bustelo, Denise Despeyroux, Nando López, Fernanda Orazi, Jose Padilla, María Prado, Aitor Saraiba or Voadora, among others, have been invited to make pieces for the new contents of #LaVentanaDelCDN, which will be uploaded throughout these weeks

The National Dramatic Center (CDN) has launched new content and creations within online programming #LaVentanaDelCDN. Thus, the section has started "The theater to come" with colloquia, essays, interviews and masterclasses, among other activities, which will configure a new digital magazine linked to Thought and the Performing Arts. The objective is to reflect on the immediate future and thus open the door to what is to come. To do this, the CDN is proposing weekly, together with projects by different creators and creators, a series of activities that help us think in common and in depth: debates, meetings, videoconferences, etc.

With "The theater to come", the National Dramatic Center opens its discourse to music, painting, light, philosophy, literature, photography, architecture, psychology, poetry, sculpture, medicine, sport or cinema as agents involved in performing art in the extent to which they contextualize it or, simply, endow it with that precious and precious beauty.

In format of masterclass, we have had as guests Lola Arias -writer, theater and film director and performer-, who has given the master class «About other people's lives. Theater as a remake of the past » already Andrés Lima -director, author and actor- who has told us about "The theater creation process" starting from his work Shock (The Condor and the Puma), one of the favorite works of the Max 2020 Awards with four nominations for the main categories, and its continuation Shock (The Storm and the War). The next guests will be Guillermo Calderón -actor, playwright, screenwriter and theater director- on May 26; or the costume and stage designer Alejandro Andújar, on June 2.

In colloquium format, the director of the National Dramatic Center, Alfredo Sanzol, and the essayist Zafra Remedies, Anagram Essay Prize 2017 for The enthusiasmhave debated how «Retrieve enthusiasm (so that it ceases to be the artist's sole livelihood)». Roland Schimmelpfennig -one of the most international contemporary German playwrights whose works have been released in more than forty countries- and Quique Spleen -who together with his brother Yeray forms the theatrical tandem QY Bazo- star in the meeting «Blot and count" new "? The challenges of de-escalated theater ». The appointment will be this Thursday, May 21, live at 7:00 p.m. on the CDN website and social networks. The next participants in the colloquia are the philosopher Santiago Alba Rico and the author and stage director María Velasco, on May 28; or the director and playwright Fabrice Murgia, Christiane Jatahy -author, theater director and filmmaker- and Alfredo Sanzol, on June 4.

On the other hand, the CDN is programming four new sections in which creators from different disciplines have been invited to make pieces for the new contents of #LaVentanaDelCDN, which will be uploaded throughout these weeks: From my kitchen, in which authors, such as Xavier Bobés, tell a repertoire work using only elements present in their kitchens. The window of creation It consists of audiovisual projects born from the experience of confinement by artists such as Nao Albet or Voadora. #HistoriasEnHilo It is the challenge launched to Denise Despeyroux, Nando López or Jose Padilla, among others, to generate a narrative thread throughout a day on Twitter, with which users of this social network can interact. By last, More than a thousand words it combines text and image thanks to names such as Albert Boronat and Aitor Saraiba, María Prado and Ana Bustelo or Alfredo Sanzol and Raúl Aguirre.


The CDN has offered open theatrical creations from the beginning of the confinement through its website and social networks. In Unforgettable has remembered historical assemblies by the hands of its protagonists. It has also carried out Reading club, offering the texts of the plays Elena Fortun by María Folguera, The barbarians Lucía Carballal and Man up by Andrea Jiménez and Noemi Rodríguez. It has also offered in Creators and creators live, Instagram encounters with Carolina Africa, Tomás Cabané and Tomás Pozzi, Julián Fuentes Reta, Juan Mayorga or Paloma Pedrero. He has rescued interviews with different professionals in Stage crafts and has retrieved podcast from Sound fiction through Almudena Grandes, Carol López or Jose Padilla. In From my window, different theatrical figures have told us about their confinement through a podcast: Paco Azorín, Clàudia Cedó, Pablo Messiez, Fernanda Orazi or María Velasco. Games have not been lacking through a series of Trivial on the secrets of the theater and the historical and present playwrights of the scene.

Calendar of upcoming events on the CDN website and social networks

  • Wednesday, May 20: Premiere in The window of creation of the video I am a human from Voadora.
  • Thursday, May 21, 19.00: «Blot and" new "account? The challenges of de-escalated theater »with Roland Schimmelpfennig and Quique Bazo.
  • Tuesday May 2619.00: Masterclass with Guillermo Calderón.
  • Thursday, May 28, 19.00: Colloquium with Santiago Alba Rico and María Velasco.
  • Tuesday June 219.00: Masterclass with Alejandro Andújar.
  • Thursday, June 4, 7:00 pm: Colloquium with Fabrice Murgia, Christiane Jatahy and Alfredo Sanzol.

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