The National Dramatic Center opens its rooms to the public on September 15

Dark night, Autumn in April, Summer in december, the trilogía The Pyre and Happy days are the titles that can be seen this September within the preview of the new season

Dark night by Salva Bolta will be the staging that on September 15 will open the doors to the public of the Valle-Inclán Theater, in the Francisco Nieva Room. The next day, Autumn in April, from Carolina Africa, will be the show that will bring spectators back to the María Guerrero Theater.

After online programming of The CDN Window, he National Dramatic Center Thus, since the middle of the month, it has resumed its activity on stage, premiering this thirteen productions that it will offer on its billboard until the end of the year. These productions recover the programming that was affected by the closure of the theaters, and that have been rescheduled between September and December 2020 within the preview of the new season that the CDN will present soon.

In addition to the two assemblies mentioned, Summer in december (the story to which Autumn in April gives continuity), The Pyre (with its three chapters: Commotion, Distance and Uncertainty) and Happy days are the titles that can be seen throughout this month in the CDN theaters.

Dark night (from September 15 to 20 in the Francisco Nieva Room), with dramaturgy by Sergio Martínez Vila and address of Save Bolta, investigates from the work of Saint John of the Cross to deepen the shared longing of universal mystical literature: the search for that great I, that Other that we really are ourselves. "An experiential approach to the idea of ​​inner search and the transitory sense of the states of the soul", according to Bolta. It is a scenic research project that emerged from the Rivas Cherif Laboratory that combines different languages ​​- symbolic, textual, sound, gestural, ritual, physical and audiovisual – “with the intention of finding a scenic form with which to approach what does not have shape".

Autumn in April (from September 16 to October 4 at the María Guerrero Theater), with text and direction by Carolina TOafrica, is the second part of the acclaimed piece by the La Belloch Teatro company, Summer in december, which will also be seen on stage again (on Sundays September 20 and 27 and October 4 at the María Guerrero Theater). Both pieces narrate the emotional and vital journey of a family made up of several generations of women and each one has an entity by itself, although together "they draw a more complete arc of the lives of these women," according to their author, with their evolution. personal and the different life experiences they face.

The National Dramatic Center has wanted to give a second life to The Pyre, the trilogy around the pandemic that produced and broadcast on streaming and without an audience. Spectators will have the opportunity to see, this time in person at the Valle-Inclán Theater, the three collective pieces, made up of: Commotion (September 18 and 19), with text by Alfredo Sanzol, Victoria Szpunberg and Eva Mir, and under the direction of the first; Distance (September 22 and 23), written by Pau miror, Andrea Jiménez and Noemi RodrIguez and Juan Mayorga, and under the direction of Andrea Jiménez and Noemi Rodríguez; and Uncertainty (September 26 and 27), with text by Pablo Rowedn, Denise Despeyroux and Lucia Carballal, and under the direction of the first.

Finally, on September 30, it will return to the space it already occupied in February and March Happy days (until November 1 at the Francisco Nieva Room), one of the best-known plays of Samuel Beckett, with translation of Antonia RodrIguez Gago and in version and direction of Pablo Messiez. A new opportunity to see this award-winning proposal from the Argentine director.

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