The National Institute of Public Administration launches #DirectoINAP, online learning and training meetings

This initiative is part of the INAP teaching innovation program, which will promote reflection, the exchange of experiences and horizontal learning in community about active methodologies to advance in the improvement of teaching activities, the management of training and the promotion of Permanent learning.

Learning events

The #DirectoINAP online learning events will be of various types: virtual round table, webinar, digital meeting, peer-to-peer micro-learning (I'll show you what I know), web marathon, practical workshops, interviews and Flipped Workshop (Flipeado Workshop ).

Thematic axes and calendar of events

The thematic axes of the first learning events revolve around the needs to undertake the design of online training activities, given that the measures derived from the alarm state are requiring a rapid adaptation of face-to-face training. Starting in September, they will also address other topics related to the challenges of training and learning in public administrations and in organizations from which they can draw lessons.

In a first phase, a weekly #DirectoINAP event has been scheduled, on Mondays from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., from today until June 29, that is, 11 live learning events. The first session will be dedicated to the design of online learning in Moodle.

Learning Portal

On the other hand, INAP also updates its Learning Portal, giving greater usability and transparency to the virtual campus and concentrating the entire training offer in the same access point.

The learning experiences appear in three blocks, according to the INAP 2020 Training Plan: Tutored experiences, activities with full tutored follow-up by a teaching team. Dynamic experiences, massive learning experiences with a dynamic team. Experiences «at your own pace», activities for autonomous learning that do not have tutoring.

Two other spaces are added: Blog, with publications of interest in various subjects related to training and learning, and Sharing, to promote the most efficient use of training resources by training promoters from different public administrations.

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