More than 4,200 agents of the National Police will be deployed in the capital of Madrid to ensure the safety of this sporting event with worldwide impact, both on the day of the meeting and in the events that will be held on the previous days during the UEFA Champions Festival
The police device began to be planned more than a year ago through meetings with the different institutions involved and the organization of the competition
Agents specializing in citizen security -UIP, UPR, Canine Guides, Cavalry, Underground / Environmental Protection, National Sports Office or Mobile Brigade- together with other units such as the Air Service, will reiterate the experience and effectiveness of the National Police to guarantee the correct development of great events
For the first time, the FIT -Fan Information Teams- will be formed to act as amateur service systems to provide useful information in real time, through teams physically deployed in the area and on Twitter through the official profiles @policia_UCLFLFC (Liverpool) and @policia_UCLFTFC (Tottenham)
In the vicinity of the Metropolitan stadium, the National Police will use for the first time in an event of these characteristics a fixed RPAS (drones) detection system, neutralization systems and a captive drone

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