The National Police and Civil Guard arrested 102 people this Wednesday for failing to comply with the measures against COVID-19

In addition, a total of 12,053 complaints have been made. These figures do not include the activity of the regional and local police.

Following is the transcript of the intervention of the police spokesmen at the press conference after the daily meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee COVID-19:

Deputy operational director of the National Police, chief commissioner José Ángel González

"Twelve days have passed since the State of Alarm was decreed. Twelve difficult days for everyone, both for those who are in the front row fighting the virus and for those who remain at home, confined, maintaining a responsible and exemplary attitude .

But nothing would be possible without the dedication and effort of all those who supply us with the essential products. Today I want to thank all the employees of supermarkets and food chains for their work, who, with their work and dedication, enable us to have essential things.

I am referring to the replenishers, ATMs or clerks who cannot isolate themselves, who, during these especially intense and hard days, have to go to work so that the population does not lack supplies. Workers who have to deal with the crowds and nerves of customers, but always with that necessary dose of kindness and responsibility.

And this recognition is extensive to carriers, deliverymen, farmers, cleaning personnel, means of payment or administrative activity. To all of them, thank you very much for that extra effort, for that extra dedication that you are making to make life easier for the rest of society. All these anonymous citizens undoubtedly give meaning to the motto of these days: "This virus we all stop."

Gender violence

These days it is being detected through social networks how some people try to alarm about supposed increases in the number of crimes committed in relation to gender or domestic violence. That information is false. In the first ten days in which the Alarm State has been in force, the data on gender and domestic violence have decreased considerably compared to the same period last year, as have the rest of crime.

Have no doubt. In the area of ​​competence of the National Police, the guard is not lowered at any time, and less in these cases. For this reason and as I said in previous days, we continue to work for and for them. I want you to be calm, we are there 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Do not hesitate to call us.

Detainees and complaints

In the last 24 hours, the number of detainees has been 73 which, added to the 484 detainees since the Royal Decree came into force, make a total of 557, which represents an increase of 15%.

Regarding sanctions, in the last 24 hours 5,554 minutes have been processed, which means a total of 47,832 since the beginning of the State of Alarm.


Yesterday, through Int Order / 283/2020, Controls at internal land borders have been extended from 00:00 on March 27, 2020 to 24:00 on April 11, 2020.

Regarding the closure of internal borders with France and Portugal, in the last 24 hours 171 refusals of entry have been made and 6,396 vehicles have been controlled.

Ports and airports

Regarding the temporary restriction of non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and Schengen associated countries, there have only been two refusals to enter Madrid airport.

Spanish repatriation

Another important work that the National Police is carrying out is carried out abroad. The current health crisis and the consequent closure of borders to limit contagion has led to the blockade of large numbers of Spanish citizens who are abroad for various reasons (residents, professionals, tourists, students, NGO staff).

Given this circumstance, our Embassies and Consulates abroad are making a significant effort for their repatriation, counting on the essential intervention of the interior counselors and attachés, members of the Spanish National Police who carry out their duties in foreign countries.

Specifically, our police officers are informing and advising on the regulations issued by the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of Spain with clarifications on matters of foreigners and borders. In addition, they are facilitating safeguards for local authorities, escorting returnees in their transfers and carrying out procedures and procedures with airlines, solving the incidents that have arisen.

The work of dialogue carried out by the advisers and attachés of the National Police with foreign authorities have not only benefited the return of our compatriots to Spain, since on occasions the return of citizens of the European Union has also been achieved due to the availability of places free on airplanes.

As an example, indicate that the management of the National Police abroad has made possible the repatriation of 262 Spaniards from Argentina, 347 people from Ecuador, 106 from The Gambia, 470 from Italy, 359 from Peru or 9,500 from Morocco.

Once again I want to congratulate all the men and women who form the National Police, Civil Guard, Mossos d'Esquadra, Ertzaintza, Navarra Police, Local Police. Our mission is to ensure that legality is observed and security is guaranteed. And for the police, always remember that our work is essential for society. That what you do every day is worth it. You work for the health and freedom of all your fellow citizens, neighbors and family. There can be no more decent work.

Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, General José Manuel Santiago

"In the course of the services carried out by the more than 20,000 components (10,053 patrols) of the Civil Guard that this Wednesday provided their work throughout the entire national geography, almost 98,000 people (97,778) were identified and the interception of more than 2,600 vehicles (2,606), in order to monitor compliance with the measures adopted during the state of alarm imposed to stop the spread of the virus.

And although the majority of citizens are demonstrating exemplary and responsible behavior, there are still behaviors that have motivated yesterday that the Corps personnel had to arrest 29 people for crimes of resistance and disobedience and the processing of almost 6,500 complaints (6,499) for not complying with the circulation limitations.

One of these civil guards who participated in these services yesterday was Corporal 1 D. Manuel Francisco Serrano Pérez, stationed in the Madrid-South Traffic Subsector who, unfortunately, suffered minor injuries after being run over by a vehicle.

Corporal 1 Manuel was part of a device designed to monitor compliance with the mobility restrictions imposed. In the course of the service, the agents observed how a vehicle was occupied by four people, so they gave instructions to stop. However, ignoring these signs, the car was intended to flee, running in its flight after Corporal 1º Manuel, who, after dramatic moments, was transferred by a medicalized helicopter from SUMMA 112 to the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre from Madrid, where he was admitted.

Finally, the four occupants of the vehicle were detained and, without any doubt, will answer for their actions before the courts.

From here I want to express my sincere support to the relatives, friends and colleagues of Corporal 1º Manuel, to whom we all wish a speedy recovery… Manuel, at this moment, the Civil Guard and the whole of Spanish society needs you more than ever !

On the other hand, we have also continued to work in order to guarantee the operation of essential services, dedicating more than 3,000 components (3,065). For example, forces of the Civil Traffic Guard have supported the transport of medical equipment from the Zaragoza airport to the province of Valencia, and have again accompanied transfers of patients affected by COVID-19 from the Fuenlabrada Hospital to other centers Hospitals of the Community of Madrid.

In the Balearic Islands, we have continued to collaborate in the disinfection of facilities, such as access to the 061 Emergency Service and the area admitted by COVID-19 of a hospital in Ibiza, whose entry into operation is scheduled for this week.

I would also like to comment on other services, which we could call small great actions that perhaps go unnoticed but that contribute to putting grains of sand and facilitating the lives of some people at the moment. I am referring, for example, to civil guards in Pastrana (Guadalajara) who are distributing computer material from a local institute to students so that they can follow their classes electronically from their homes; or other civil guards from places like Asturias or Alicante who are also acting as intermediaries delivering food and medicine between people and institutions; or the Helicopter unit based in the Canary Islands, which transfers protection material between the different islands.

Finally, today I would like to convey a message of encouragement and thanks to all the civil guards and their families. These are hard days in which, like other public servants and professional groups, they are carrying out their work in an exemplary and self-sacrificing way. I have no doubt that we will continue to fight morally and courageously to overcome this crisis among all of us. "

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