§ Last Monday, and simultaneously in several European countries and Brazil, a broad operative device was carried out against an organization dedicated to the transport of large quantities of drugs, by sea and air, and to the laundering of illicit money
§ A total of 179 house searches have been carried out with the arrest of 45 people -in Brazil, Belgium, Spain and Dubai-, and 167 homes, 12 million euros in cash and 70 luxury vehicles have been intervened, among other effects
§ Researchers estimate that the dismantled network introduced about 45 tons of cocaine a year into Europe, for which it would have obtained an economic benefit of around 100 million euros in the last six months
§ In Spain, the agents have detained a person in Motril (Granada) and have carried out the search of three homes in Malaga, in addition to intervening two properties valued at 4,000,000 euros, five high-end vehicles and blocking numerous accounts and banking products

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