The Navy will send the ship ´Galicia´ to reinforce health in Melilla

The ´Galicia´ ship has been designed to transport troops and vehicles and to operate with amphibious boats on its dock and with helicopters on its flight deck. The main mission of ships of this class is to conduct amphibious operations. It also includes participation in peacekeeping operations and humanitarian aid, through medical and surgical support in natural disasters, with an operating room and ICU. You have 24 hours to enlist the crew, and once you go to sea, you will need between 4 and 6 hours of crossing from your base in Rota to Melilla.

The support of the navy through their ships

In addition to the amphibious assault ship ´Galicia´, the Spanish Navy has four others with the capacity to provide health support, including ICU beds equipped with respirators and hospital beds: the amphibious aircraft carrier ´Juan Carlos I´, the assault ship ´Castilla´ amphibian and the combat supply ships ´Patiño´ and ´Cantabria´.
To these capacities would be added additional beds in cabins for less seriously ill patients and the possible empowerment of interior spaces.

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