The Department of the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development requested a meeting from the Network of Sparsely Populated Areas of Southern Europe, SSPA, which presented the situation that affects the sparsely populated provinces, as well as the general characteristics of the depopulation that many territories in Europe are living, and especially the situation that affects many territories in the interior of Spain. They highlighted their strengths such as the quality of the environment and its cultural heritage, and its weaknesses such as the loss of population and the lack of communication infrastructure, both physical and digital.

Another issue discussed during the training was the progress of the negotiations of the new Financial Framework. The SSPA once again underlined the steps taken by the proposal of the European Parliament in which important references to depopulation and the arrival of funds are added.

The SSPA Network, founded by the business organizations of Cuenca, Soria and Teruel that has the collaboration of the Leader Groups of the three provinces, transmitted the importance of defining the concept of depopulation at European level and above all to be able to specify which are the territories with serious and permanent disadvantages to be able to act as a priority in them.

As they do in Spain, the Network has stood out the importance of promoting a diversification of economic activity in order to generate development in depopulated areas, as well as work to transmit a positive and positive image of the Rural Environment. They also talked about the multilevel governance that is recognized in the European Parliament, stating that it has to involve the actors in the territory more, especially in areas that need more immediate aid, with the aim of working in an effective and long-term way.

The General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development can help guarantee access to digital connectivity with a quality service to the entire populationThat is why they transmitted to him how this lack of communications is conditioning that these depopulated territories have fewer development opportunities.

The SSPA Network has also met with the Employment Department of the European Commission to talk about the European Social Fund and of his important work for the depopulated territories.

On Friday, the Networks of Sparsely Populated Areas of Northern and Southern Europe, the NSPA and the SSPA met, with the aim of strengthening their collaboration, monitoring the annual forum held in Norway, and continuing to reinforce the lines that They lead to common actions in the European Union.

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