Juan Miguel Sucunza has been elected new president of the Navarra Business Confederation by acclamation at the Electoral Board of Directors that was held this morning by electronic means. Sucunza thanked the 41 business associations and more than 12,000 companies and freelancers that make up the CEN for their support and trust in this new stage. He has indicated that he firmly believes "in this organization and its purpose: to defend the general interest of Navarrese companies and promote the development of the productive fabric, highlighting their contribution to society."

In the inauguration ceremony, after the meeting was held, he was accompanied by the previous CEN president, José Antonio Sarría, the CEOE president, Antonio Garamendi, who has intervened electronically, and the president of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite.

After his first words of thanks and remembrance for those most affected by the "health and economic crisis", Juan Miguel Sucunza has outlined the four strategic axes of priority action for CEN: entrepreneurship, dialogue, service and the future.

Subsequently, once the event was over, the first meeting of the new Executive Committee consisting of 20 people was held, to which Sucunza has incorporated four new professionals (three women and one man) and from whom he has highlighted his commitment and high representation by sectors and territory.

Intervention of Juan Miguel Sucunza

The intervention of the new president has revolved around four main lines.

In the first place, Sucunza has highlighted the very relevant role of Navarrese businessmen in the face of the "deep crisis we are suffering". He stressed that the "obsession" is to safeguard the economic and productive fabric of Navarre as much as possible and protect employment, and that, for this, companies require firm support and commitment from the Administrations. Sucunza has valued the figure of the

entrepreneurs who put "their entrepreneurial spirit and the mission of contributing to the great burden of uncertainty and insecurity that accompanies us throughout our lives".

As a second point, the new CEN president has addressed the current situation, appealing to the need for a "real and sincere dialogue" with which measures are agreed. It has claimed the role of the Social Dialogue Council, a participation body regulated by law, with which to advance in a comprehensive revival plan, coordinated and focused on current needs. In addition, Sucunza has advocated because the Administration must provide financial support and facilitate flexibility in companies to maintain activity "in this critical period."

Reflection on the Navarrese company of the future has been the central axis of the third line of action. At this point, Sucunza has explored the challenges and opportunities posed by digital transformation, the 2030 Agenda, innovation and the adaptation of the educational offer to real demands; all in line with the commitment of Navarre companies to build “an inclusive, responsible and sustainable community”.

Finally, the new president has addressed the CEN business associations, recalling that 92% of Navarre companies have fewer than 10 workers and that they are the "backbone of this community". It has also encouraged young entrepreneurs to step forward and discover opportunities "where others see difficulties," to be brave and to "act with their heads and hearts."

Thanks and remembrance to those affected by covid-19

At the beginning of his speech, Sucunza had words of thanks for the President of Navarra and the President of CEOE for accompanying him on "such a special and important day for me", as well as for the people, associations, companies and organizations that followed the act by telematic means.

He has especially thanked José Antonio Sarría for his dedication and dedication and the “great legacy” that he leaves, who, for his part, has made himself available to “help in whatever he may need”. He has also mentioned José Manuel Ayesa, former president of the CEN, and José León Taberna, to whom he recognizes their teachings and values ​​their friendship. Likewise, Sucunza wanted to remember two “exceptional” Navarrese businessmen, José Antonio Ibiricu and Félix Huarte, for their great contribution to the industrialization and development of Navarra and has dedicated some warm lines to his family, friends and collaborators “for having made me better "

He also dedicated a few words of remembrance for "all the people who are suffering from this crisis, both in the health and economic aspects".

On the other hand, during the celebration of the electoral Board before all the associations that are part of the CEN, he pointed out that "they must have a proactive role in which everyone is necessary" and that he feels lucky for the great team that makes up the committee executive, to whom he has thanked for his bravery, generosity and commitment.

Professional biography

Juan Miguel Sucunza (Pamplona, ​​1960) is a Navarran businessman and an industrial engineer from Tecnun (University of Navarra). Throughout his extensive professional career, he has held numerous positions of responsibility in companies with great international projection. In 1990 he became Managing Director of Icer Brakes, a position that was followed by that of Executive Director of the Berkelium Group, CEO of NUCAP Europe, President of Icer Rail, President of the Azkoyen Group and of the Supervisory Board of Primion Technology, among others. Currently, he is a member of the advisory boards of Grupo Eulen, Atrevia and MTorres. At the institutional level, he was a member of the SODENA Board, was President of the FEMFM European Employers' Association, and is currently vice-president of CEAPI.

This extensive professional career has been recognized by various awards and recognitions. In 2016, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and recognized by the specialized publication Forbes, at position 41, as one of the 50 best CEOs in Spain. In addition, last January, he received the SER Navarra 2020 Award for Professional Career.

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