The nine champions of the quarry

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NEWS | 07/02/2019

Junior B and C, two cadets, Infantil A, two fry, Benjamin A and Prebenjamin won their groups.

The 2018/19 season has ended successfully for a large part of the teams from the Real Madrid youth academy. Nine of them have been proclaimed champions in their groups. A feat that has been possible thanks to the results of the Youth B and the C, the cadets, the Infant A, the fry, the Benjamin A and the Prebenjamin.

The Infant A was the first to get it at the end of March and the Youth B He took the witness a week later. In the group of the Benjamins could only win one because they competed in the same championship and was the Benjamin A, while the B achieved a meritorious third place. The Cadet A and the Cadet B they certified the title in the absence of 2 and 4 days respectively; Meanwhile he Alevín B and the Youth C They were the last winners.

Plenary of victories

Special mention deserve the Prebenjamin and the Alevín A, who won all their matches. In addition, this last team had an end of the most special course after Conquer the XXVI National Tournament Pamesa LaLiga Promises. In total, the Real Madrid players played 370 games and scored 1,755 goals, signing the best season of the youth team in the last 15 years.

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