The number of affiliated workers grows by 106,541 in October and stands at 19,429,993

The System accounted on average 436,920 affiliates more than a year ago, an increase of 2.30%. The General Regime, meanwhile, has had a better behavior, growing to 2.71%. This means 424,193 affiliates more than in 2018.

It should be noted that the number of women affiliates experienced a 2.85% growth in the last year, reaching over 9 million employed (9,049,984). This is the second highest absolute value of employed women, surpassed only by June this year. On the other hand, the group of male affiliates, which amounted to 10,380,009, grew 1.83%.

In seasonally adjusted terms, the affiliation behavior was also favorable during the past month of October, with a growth of 56,194 employed people, the biggest increase so far this year. The average number of affiliated persons reached, without the seasonal component, 19,390,668 workers.

Inter-monthly evolution

With respect to the month of September, the System computed 106,541 more affiliated persons (0.55%), until reaching the highest number of affiliates in a month of October, 19,429,993. The General Regime added 102,878 affiliated persons, with an increase of 0.64%, to reach 16,090,647 workers. In October, membership increased in absolute terms in Education by 151,087 workers, a figure very similar to that of previous years. He also grew up in Public Administration and Defense; Compulsory Social Security (16,939); Artistic, Recreational and Entertainment Activities (16,520) and Construction (12,923).

On the other hand, membership decreased in Hospitality (-60,638); Health Activities and Social Services (-35,951); and Administrative Activities and Auxiliary Services (-19,323).

As for the Special System for Agrarian employees, the month ended with 10,242 more average members (1.4%), and stood at 740,176 employed. For its part, the Special System of Household Employees accounted 1,037 more members (0.26%) and registered 396,741 average workers.

The Autonomous Regime recorded 3,271,976 members in October after adding 5,718 new workers in the last month.

The Special Regime of the Sea registered 2,034 less affiliated persons (-2.99%) to 66,040. Finally, the Special Coal Regime had 21 fewer employees, up to 1,330 average members.

By autonomous communities, the largest increase in the number of affiliates was registered in the Valencian Community (2.05%), followed by the Basque Country (1.73%) and La Rioja (1.43%). The largest decrease occurred in the Balearic Islands (-6.82%), followed by Castilla-La Mancha (-0.74%) and Extremadura (-0.68%).

Interannual growth

In interannual terms, the System gained 436,920 affiliates, which represents 2.30% more than in October 2018. It highlights the good performance of the General Regime, which alone adds 424,193 workers (2.71%). The growth reaches 3.18% (461,446 affiliates more) if we talk about the General Regime without taking into account the special Agrarian systems for others and the Household.

The number of affiliates of the Special Scheme for Autonomous Workers also increased, which added 13,364 persons employed compared to the same month of a year ago. The year-on-year rate stood at 0.41% in October.

The Regime of the Sea added 0.2% (133 people). The Special Coal Regime accounted for a decrease of 771 members (-36.71%).

Membership increased in all autonomous communities in the last year. In this sense, the growth of the Region of Murcia (3.39%), Madrid (3.18%) and Andalusia (2.81%) stand out.

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