Territorial Policy and Public Function and the General Council of Lawyers sign an agreement to expand the procedures for immigration by electronic means

The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function takes stock, with updated data at the beginning of May, before the "de-escalation" in the General State Administration begins in the coming weeks, in accordance with the Transition Plan towards the new normality , approved by the Government and always following the recommendations of the health authorities.

To prepare and face the new normality, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Carolina Darias, signed on May 4, an agreement with the representatives of the CSIF, UGT, CCOO and CIG unions, integrated in the General Table of Negotiation in the AGE. The agreed measures are included in the resolution of the Secretary of State for Territorial Policy and Public Function on the same day, applicable in all ministries and public bodies, the priority objectives being: protection of the health of all public employees, prioritize face-to-face work, preferably telematic customer service and flexible hours.

Currently, essential services personnel work in person at the AGE during the state of alarm, the rest do so through non-contact work formulas, which includes teleworking, remote work, telephone, etc.

On the other hand, activity in the General State Administration has continued practically at a normal pace, as shown by the figures of meetings held. Since March 10, a total of 63,207 meetings have been held, all of them electronically. Likewise, the courses held by electronic means are more than double that of the delayed ones: 3,107 telematic courses were carried out compared to 1,545 deferred ones.

782 public employees and volunteers in social tasks

A total of 782 public employees are collaborating on a voluntary basis in areas of sanitary, socio-sanitary and protection of vulnerable groups, taking advantage of the 18th provision of Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, on complementary urgent measures in the social field and economical to deal with COVID-19. The personnel that provide this collaboration, as a consequence of the situation caused by COVID-19, continue to receive their full remuneration in the original body, without seeing their administrative situation or employment contract modified while the declaration of the state of alarm lasts.

The ministries that exceed 100 volunteers in these authorized social tasks are: Science and Innovation, 166; Culture and Sports, 131; and the Treasury, 130.

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