The ‘Hosts Tourism’ program promoted by the Secretary of State for Tourism anticipates the start of several courses in the spring training edition, in order to alleviate the current confinement circumstances caused by COVID-19.

Framed in the Spanish Tourism Plan Horizon 2020 in its axis ‘Customer Value, Perceived Quality program’, the program aims to improve the quality of companies and tourist destinations to correctly meet the expectations of the visitor.

It is part of the general objective of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to contribute to the preparation of tourist companies and destinations to adapt their services to the pace demanded by market trends and promote a set of strategies and actions that place tourists as a center of attention and perspective for the competitive improvement of our country.

'Tourism Hosts' develops two basic lines of action: Promote the culture of detail through awareness-raising and training programs for tourism service providers (Culture of Detail Program), and favor the beautification of tourist destinations as a key factor in influencing positively in the global perception of the client (Destination Program in Detail). This year, for the first time, it also includes a course on Tourist Digital Competences in MOOC format as part of its training program.

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