The councilor of VOX in the City Council of La Vall d’Uixó, Marina Peirats Together with the representatives of the other two opposition parties in said town hall, PP and Cs, this morning by registration has presented a request to the Government team, led by the socialist Tania Baños, for the celebration of an extraordinary plenary session and the appearance of the councilors of the areas involved in the matter, in which all the information is given, previously requested in other plenary sessions and never obtained, regarding the anomalous events that occurred in March at the Hogar Sagrada Familia home for the elderly in La Vall d 'Uixó.

The municipal opposition believes that residents were endangered, the protocol that authorizes entry into said residence was broken, and even today they have not had information about what really happened there.

They ask for transparency and accurate information about what happened. Transparency and information that, they claim, the city council totally lacks.

Let us remember that on March 7, a supposed homeless person went to the facilities of the Hogar Sagrada Familia, without really knowing who authorized it. Apparently this person, as soon as he arrived, entered the services with the intention of self-harm due to alleged mental disorders that he suffers, putting in danger, according to sources of the municipal opposition, the physical integrity of the elderly residents.

VOX, PP and Cs request the appearance of the Councilors for Education, Carmen García Arnau, Social Services, María de los Ángeles Artero Prado, and Local Police, Javier Ferreres Burquete, as well as the Mayor, Tania Baños Martos

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