The permanent secretary of CEIB and general director of CEOE International, Narciso Casado, initiates a travel program (roadshow) to Colombia, El Salvador and Chile, which will end on June 6. During the tour, he will hold meetings with representatives of official institutions and business organizations from different countries, in which he will take advantage of the upcoming Ibero-American Forum of the MIPYME on July 2 and 3 in Buenos Aires and the Ibero-American Summit in 2020. Andorra. In addition, the trip serves as a follow-up to the meetings on open innovation that have been held in recent months, such as the Innovation and Sustainability Forum held yesterday at the headquarters of the Business Confederation.


After the celebration of the Argentina Exporta 2019 Forum on May 22 and 23 in the city of Buenos Aires, Casado continues his tour of other Latin American countries, starting with Colombia. The permanent secretary of CEIB will participate in the Spain-Colombia Business Meeting, which will focus on the importance of youth entrepreneurship as the axis of development and instrument of social inclusion and intergenerational cohesion. The event will serve to visualize the experience of social, economic and cultural undertakings of the young people of the Spanish companies attending and will discuss various business issues that can offer a new perspective to entrepreneurs, political leaders and experts participating in the event.

Married will also participate in the presentation of SUMMIT on ODS and 2030 Agenda for Ibero-America, which will be held in December this year at the United Nations headquarters in New York. During his visit to Bogota, Casado will take advantage of the opportunity to meet with authorities of the country and representatives of the CEOE homologous employers' association, the National Association of Businessmen of Colombia (ANDI).

El Salvador and Chile

After the events held in Colombia, the CEOE International director will travel to El Salvador, along with a delegation of representatives of the construction sector, led by the president of CNC (National Confederation of Construction), Juan Lazcano. In San Salvador, on the 31st they will meet with representatives of the CEOE homologous employers' association, the National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP); with the president of the National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE); and with the Commercial Attaché in the OFECOME San Salvador. Likewise, the delegation will attend on Saturday, September 1, the solemn session of inauguration of the President-elect of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.

On June 4 and 5, Casado will participate in Santiago de Chile in the "International Meeting: the participation of the private sector in international cooperation for development", in which the Ibero-American General Secretary, Rebeca Grynspan, will also speak. Multilateral cooperation is relevant to the achievement of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which has economic, social and environmental objectives. Under this premise, both the Chilean Agency for International Development Cooperation (AGCID) and the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), organize an international meeting in which state actors and representatives of the private sector will reflect and share good practices of sector involvement. private sector in international cooperation for development, with the aim of promoting alliances and multilateral working networks. During his visit to Chile, the permanent secretary of CEIB will also hold a meeting with representatives of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC).

Mipymes Forum

During the tour, Casado will report on the III Ibero-American Forum on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, to be held in Buenos Aires on July 2 and 3. The Forum is a space for reflection, exchange of good practices and discussion about the reality of the Ibero-American SME, its support policies, the new organizational models and the promotion of strategic alliances between countries. It is a joint initiative of SEGIB, the government of Argentina and the Council of Iberoamerican Businessmen (CEIB).

The third edition will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will seek to open a space for reflection on the challenges that the productive transformation brings and the inclusion of MSMEs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the promotion of intraregional trade and the participation of SMEs in global value chains, the opportunities offered by the Ibero-American space as a platform for open innovation and the promotion of partnerships to compete: startups and SMEs together with large companies, as well as an analysis of public support policies and new regulatory frameworks, paying special attention to cases of good practices. From an approach with a gender perspective, emphasis will be placed on the economic empowerment of women and their participation in the business organization.

Ibero-American Summit

Married will also emphasize during the trip the importance of the private sector, which is one of the main axes of the Ibero-American summits and must be strengthened. In fact, it will focus on the next Summit, which will be held in 2020 in Andorra and will have as its theme "innovation for sustainable development". By then, he believes that it is necessary to develop an agenda that makes sense and is consistent with the theme of innovation to achieve results.

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