Four months after the loss of the Special 2020 Agrarian Employment Promotion Program (PFEA) became known, the Municipal VOX Group in the Santa Fe City Council has taken the first step to try to clarify what happened and clarify the appropriate responsibilities .

The councilor of VOX in the Santaferino Consistory, Silvia Enríquez, has raised to the Plenary the proposal to constitute a Special Information Commission that would assume as its sole objective the clarification of what happened around this issue and that has left Santa Fe without the 77,000 euros of the PFEA. The initiative has had the favorable vote of all groups except the PSOE, which governs the town.

Silvia Enríquez has stated in the plenary session that VOX had requested by request that the responsible councilor, Inmaculada Navarro, give explanations about what happened and that she assume her responsibility. These requests neglected, Enríquez continued, "we resort to the tools provided by the law to clarify this important issue because it affects employment, especially at a time as delicate as this one."

All opposition groups affected the Government Team the lack of transparency and agreed on the need to clarify what happened by supporting the constitution of the Commission that VOX demanded. For the spokesperson of the Santiago Abascal formation, the contradictions of the socialists have been exposed, who first concealed this matter from February to June, when they justified it as a "human error" and then affirmed that it was a computer failure.

"It is unfortunate that we have to resort to this initiative to find out the truth," regretted Silvia Enríquez, arguing then that if something so serious had happened in a company, the person in charge would already be on the street, however in this City Council he remains in his put the councilor responsible for having lost money for employment when we needed it most. The Socialist Party of Santa Fe has remained only in its rejection of this initiative and thanks to VOX it will be forced to give all the explanations and to assume all the responsibilities. From the Municipal Group of VOX Santa Fe they show their satisfaction for the unity of the opposition in this matter and wish that this same understanding be maintained in the future ”.

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