By writing to the president:

The Popular Group asks Batet for a “blunt response” for the CUP video in Congress.

  • Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo considers that the behavior of the CUP candidates and the recording are “unworthy”
  • Claim an investigation and possible measures against the training that facilitated the visit

07, November, 2019.- The spokeswoman for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has sent a letter to the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, to demand a “blunt response” to the events recently led by several CUP candidates in the Hemiclo and other facilities the Chamber through a video in which, among other State institutions, they mock the headquarters of national sovereignty.

In the letter, he insists that the events that occurred were "regrettable" and require, by the highest authority of Congress, "the strongest of the protests and a resounding response." In addition, it indicates that the impact it has had on the media accounts for the importance that this “burdensome and outrageous mockery” has had towards the institution that represents all Spanish citizens.

The spokeswoman also affirms that the General Courts and, in particular the Congress, "cannot give shelter to undemocratic behaviors" such as those carried out by the leaders of the CUP, which are "completely unworthy and should have been prevented by the president," which even leave a poster in Tribune with its electoral motto: "Ungovernable."

“Given this intolerable mockery of all Spaniards, and given the seriousness of these events,” Álvarez de Toledo asks Batet on behalf of the GPP to “offer the appropriate explanations” about what happened; "Take whatever measures are necessary so that this situation does not reoccur", and find out what formation or parliamentary formations "could take the invitation", in case it "could derive some kind of responsibility".

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