The Penal Code is also modified so that the organization or participation in tributes to persons convicted of terrorism can be punished with sentences of up to three years in prison

The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered in Congress a proposal for an organic law to amend the Criminal Code so that the so-called crimes of terrorism do not prescribe, as is already the case with the crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Said offenses that would not prescribe, from the entry into force of the Law, are those of terrorism, which are included in articles 572 to 577 of the Penal Code, and are related to the commission of any serious crime against life, physical integrity or freedom, as well as trafficking in arms, ammunition and explosives, among others.

Also, the rule proposed by the Popular Group incorporates as a novelty (through the amendment of Article 578) that acts of exaltation or justification of terrorist offenses, such as the convocation, promotion or performance of acts of homage, public reception or concession of Honors to persons convicted of terrorism crimes, is punishable by imprisonment of one to three years and a fine of twelve to 18 months.

In the exposition of motives of the initiative of the Popular Group it is emphasized that the recognition of the dignity of the victims of terrorism implies the permanent validity of the message of those who were murdered for defending the freedom of all.


Therefore, a legislative reform is proposed that allows, on the one hand, to penalize in a more concrete way the calls for acts destined to exalt the terrorists, with the objective of preventing and suppressing acts of glorification of terrorism, reinforcing the objectivity in the classification and avoiding impunity for humiliating and denigrating actions for victims, such as tributes or public receptions to those condemned for terrorism.

Secondly, it is about eliminating the possibility of prescribing the so-called crimes of terrorism (articles 572 to 577 of the Criminal Code), as it is a very serious violation of human rights, which corresponds in its entity to the crimes of It hurts humanity.

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