The Popular Parliamentary Group requires the Government to put an end to the blockade of financial resources of City Councils and Provincials and explain the reasons for non-payment. For this, the GPP has registered a battery of questions signed by its spokesman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and the deputy spokesman for economic affairs, Mario Garcés; as well as individual questions from all the members of the Group to know how much is owed to each local entity and what measures the Government will take to put an end to this situation.

The GPP thus questions the Executive on the reasons why the Government has not fulfilled its legal obligations, and of constitutional root, to transfer the update of the resources derived from the Participation in State Income and the rest of the corresponding financial resources to Local Entities. An unjustified blockade of amounts that is causing unacceptable financial tensions in the municipalities and that result in lower and worse public services for the Spanish.

As with the financing of the Autonomous Communities, the Government of Sanchez appeals to the concurrence of an extended budget and the limitations of a functioning Government to deny a right of Local Entities and, consequently, of citizens residing in each one of them. In the GPP's opinion, it is a hardly acceptable paradox that the release of economic resources by the State to Local Entities is called into question by a Government that has had no qualms about approving Royal Decrees Laws that create new economic rights, exploding the ceiling of non-financial expenditure of the State and breaking the legal order on budgetary stability.

In this sense, the GPP claims, through the different initiatives presented, the quantification of the financial economic impact that said non-payment is causing in each Local Entity in Spain; when and how the Government will cover the budgetary effort that these Entities are making to meet the increase in the salaries of public employees (provided for in Royal Decree Law 24/2018, of December 21), and if it plans to convene the National Commission of Local Administration, to account for the reasons for this paralysis and possible solutions to it. In addition, ask about other direct financing lines, such as grants or agreements, which are currently paralyzed or frozen.

At a time of economic slowdown and loss of employment, good management is needed and not irresponsible electoral maneuvers at the service of the acting president and paid by all Spaniards. To deny the resources of the Local Entities on the basis of opinions without a technical basis is to deny the very basis of our territorial organization system.

These questions are added to the battery of initiatives that the GPP is presenting to demand explanations and solutions from the Government before the blockade of the financing of essential services provided by territorial administrations.

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