The Popular Parliamentary Group has today registered a letter to the Bureau of Congress so that as soon as possible the so-called Monitoring and Evaluation Commission of the Toledo Pact Agreements is created in the Lower House, an initiative that according to the GPP deputy spokesman, José Ignacio Echaniz, demonstrates the "strong commitment of the Popular Party with the maintenance and improvement of pensions."

Echániz stressed that the creation of the Monitoring and Evaluation Commission of the Toledo Pact cannot wait any longer, “because we have been with a functioning Government for more than 100 days and the Commission should have been set up in July to start working with normal on September 1 ”.

“We cannot forget that last February, after two years of intense work, the Commission failed to close the agreements around the recommendations that should guide a reform of the pension system. That is why we must urgently resume this work initiated in the previous legislature, so that on the basis of consensus and debate we proceed to the renewal of the Toledo Pact Recommendations or, where appropriate, the approval of new ones ”, has added.


The popular leader has affirmed that “from the Popular Group we are convinced that it is a priority to defend the sustainability of the Social Security System because defending Social Security is defending the heart of our social model. Working together for the sustainability of the pension system, regardless of electoralism, has always been a priority for the Popular Party and has thus put it into value by repeatedly proposing a State Pact in this area. ”

In his opinion, "there is much work to be done and we must start as soon as possible." “We face the demographic challenge, because retired people are increasingly living as a result of the increase in life expectancy, which is excellent news that in turn poses great and necessary challenges to the pension system,” he stressed.

José Ignacio Echániz explained that “pensions are the main source of income for a very important part of the population, so from the Popular Party we are aware of the responsibility that implies and we have always bet and support our pensioners and we will continue doing ”.

In addition, he recalled that "thanks to the reforms of the Government of the Popular Party, today more pensions are paid than ever, pensions higher than ever and that benefit more pensioners than ever."


On the other hand, it has indicated that “the Social Security deficit is another issue that urgently needs to be addressed within the Toledo Pact Commission, because almost 70% of the net deterioration of the system's financial health during the crisis years was the loss of 3,800,000 jobs. ” "The PSOE should know that yesterday's unemployment is today's pension deficit, mainly because 70% of the net financial imbalance of the system is due to the massive destruction of employment by its policies," he said.

Finally, he recalled that "there is an urgent need to find consensual solutions among all parliamentary groups, in order to announce as soon as possible a plan with firm proposals that guarantee the viability of the public pension system." “The sustainability of the pension system is a problem that worries us all because we are all part of it and the Popular Party will continue to work for each of the current and future pensioners so that the pension system is solid and is also guaranteed for generations to come, ”he concluded.

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