Pedimos que se refuercen económicamente las becas y ayudas para universitarios

The Popular Parliamentary Group has requested, through a Proposal not of Law for its debate in the Plenary of the Congress, that the scholarships and aid for university students be financially reinforced.

For this, in said initiative signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the deputy spokesperson of the GPP Sandra Moneo, the spokesperson for the Universities of the GPP, María Jesús Moro, and the deputies of PP Elena Castillo and Miguel Ángel Jerez, has proposed increasing the budgeted amount to avoid a decrease in the amounts individually received by students.

In addition, he has claimed to modify the criteria for awarding the scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year so that the economic reference is not the income statements for the year 2019, but real work situations of his family after the coronavirus crisis.

On the other hand, the GPP has proposed creating a new budget allocation to finance the students who lived outside their family homes due to their studies and who, because of the coronavirus, have had to return to their homes, and now have financial problems, so that they can go back to the universities to take exams. A specific allocation for unsuccessful causes has also been proposed for those students who have not been able to pay the pending enrollment deadlines and to help those who, having paid them, are currently in difficult economic situations to finish the course.

Finally, the Popular Parliamentary Group has defended in Proposition no of Law the need to carry out an evaluation of the effect of the measures on the completion of studies in these risk groups.

With all these measures, according to the GPP, academic dropouts by the most disadvantaged university students would be avoided and the sustainability of the system would be maintained, while scholarships are ensured as a subjective right and guaranteed that families can benefit from the efforts of society as a whole to train those students who need more help and who are struggling academically.

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