The PP has proposed promoting a Law on Integral Protection on Children and Adolescents

The candidates of the Popular Party of La Rioja to the Congress in the General Elections of 10-N, Cuca Gamarra and Íñigo López-Araquistaín; and to the Senate, Ana Lourdes González, they have maintained today, day 23, a work meeting with heads of health groups and entities of the third sector of La Rioja.

In it, which has served to address different socio-sanitary improvements in La Rioja, representatives of the Official College of Pharmacists of La Rioja, ACERI, Official College of Veterinarians, ARDACEA, Riojana Association of Alcoholics Anonymous, CERMI-Rioja and ALCER have participated -Rioja.

During the meeting, CERMI-Rioja reiterated the support of the Popular Party for the Special Education Centers in the region. Likewise, the need to give new impetus to the Law of Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Persons in Dependency has been addressed.

PP candidates have moved their concern about the increase in gambling addictions. In this sense, the PP has proposed to protect minors through the implementation of a Law of Integral Protection

Against Violence on Children and Adolescents. This legislative initiative will cover the protection of children against gambling, drugs, alcohol and sexual abuse.

Similarly, the support of the Popular Party for the current community pharmacy model has been made clear, due to the safety, quality and efficacy it provides in comprehensive patient care.

Aware of the increase in aggressions in hospitals and health centers, the PP has committed to legislate to guarantee the safety and physical and moral integrity of health professionals and protect their work.

The meeting also addressed the significant economic burden of celiac families for the purchase of food and special items. In this sense, the Popular Party has expressed its commitment to the harmonization of gluten-free products through fiscal policy.

Finally, the PP has defended the need to continue advancing in the regulatory development of the Third Sector Law.

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