The Popular Party announced today that its parliamentary groups in Congress and the Senate will present two initiatives to make public the position of all political groups in defense of the identity of Navarra.

This measure, which is announced on the same day that the constitution of both Chambers has taken place, responds to the interest of the popular formation to fix in them, as soon as possible, a majority criterion in defense of the interests of the Foral Community against the annexationist attempts of Basque nationalism, reflected in the proposal for a new Statute. Therefore, it will propose to all groups a debate on this issue and a vote in which all groups clarify and make public their position in relation to Navarra.

The Popular Party wants to form a majority wall in defense of the legality against which this new Statute that pursues the conflict clashes. The best thing to do with the document presented yesterday in the Basque Parliament is to file it because it is only a source of discrepancies and disunity.

The new Basque Statute proposed by nationalism is, above all, a new measure of pressure to which Pedro Sánchez must stand firm. In the case of Navarra, it is common sense to defend that one Community does not claim the territory of another, especially when the Regional Community has clearly expressed at the polls the low weight of Basque nationalism. The Popular Party believes that the Navarrese and national governments must stop this escalation of nationalism, although this implies that both Sánchez and Chivite have to rectify their cession and delivery policy.

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