A few hours before the Melilla Fair begins, the Popular Party wants to transfer its most sincere congratulations to Melilla citizens, their desire for harmony, peace and to share tradition and fun in these important parties in honor of Our Lady of the victory.

Fadela Mohatar points out that “the PP is and continues to be the largest social and political organization in the city. And one more year, he wants to express his unwavering and immovable commitment to progress, traditions and Melilla citizenship, being present at the festivities at the Real de la Feria ”.

The secretary of Culture of the Local PP and Deputy of the Assembly, stresses that “the booth of Fair 'La Gaviota' with which the popular have and that is located in an important part, welcomes and invites the Melilla citizens to come to share with us all days of business, fun, harmony and tranquility as it corresponds in these holidays ”.

He regrets the “stance of blows and not very firm” that the tripartite government has had in these patron celebrations, for example, “moving the date of the Mass that has had to change and respect the tradition as it should be, or at the time of respect something as traditional as bullfighting festivities, having to rectify in a hurried way ”.

“We miss the activities that the Popular Party Government launched to boost and support all booths and businessmen; musical activities, children's parties and others that gave an Andalusian atmosphere to the real one of the fair ”.

Fadela Mohatar asks the tripartite government to "demonstrate more firmness, more leadership and more decision in supporting our traditions and the identity of Melilla."

"We cannot allow the Melillans to suffer more blows, less firm or complex decision forms when it comes to respecting and maintaining the traditions that go around the festivities, one of the most participatory celebrations of all citizens."

In relation to the 'violet point to avoid sexist aggressions' that will be installed in the Real de la Feria, and to which the socialists show off as their initiative, Fadela Mohatar recalls that “it was the Government of Mariano Rajoy and the Popular Party, who promoted in the Congress of Deputies the great State Pact against Gender Violence, with the unanimous support of the rest of the Parliamentary Groups ”.

“We must not want to appropriate one direction or another with all the actions that started from that State Pact, because before this Government left, the first special items had already been received to help eradicate the Violence of Gender". "We congratulate ourselves because these actions that the PP Government left projected are being carried out."

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