Alberto Herrero Bono, con Luis María Beamonte

The Popular Party of Teruel has begun its electoral campaign in the Region of Jiloca, where they have visited the town of Calamocha and have attended the opening day of the XXXVIII General Fair of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Livestock. The list heads, Alberto Herrero and Manuel Blasco, who have been accompanied by the regional and provincial presidents, Luis María Beamonte and Joaquín Juste, respectively, as well as the rest of the candidacy, have moved there.

It has been in the Jiloca where Herrero has explained the “ambitious” proposal in fiscal matters that the Popular Party will implement if it governs, in which a good part of the taxes that currently exist in the country will be reformed. An action program that has qualified as "fiscal revolution" and has the main objective of "reviving job creation"

More specifically, the candidate for the House of Representatives has specified that his plan of action is aimed at the reduction of all sections of the Income Tax for Individuals, which will never exceed the maximum rate of 40%, the reduction of the income tax. companies below 20% and the suppression of inheritance, donations and documented legal acts.

Herrero has urged the Turolenses to support the Popular Party because it is the "only political formation that may be able to get Sánchez out of the Moncloa Palace and the Government Presidency." In his opinion, Spain, Aragon and Teruel "need a change" before the new appointment with the polls that has been caused by "the irresponsibility and disability of Pedro Sánchez."

In short, he has assured that there are two possibilities of government after the elections of November 10. One led by the socialist Sánchez, "who has paralyzed and blocked the economic development that Spain had with governments of the Popular Party"; or one led by Pablo Casado, whose support means “voting for the unlocking of Spain, economic growth and job creation”.


For the candidate for the Senate, the Popular Party "offers a change" to all Turolenses to "restart proposals, approve budgets and develop investments in the province." In the Region of Jiloca, "one of the most in need of public actions", Blasco has lamented that the governments of Aragon and Spain "are in operation and also in babia because they have spent a year without thinking about anything in favor of citizens "

"There have been many visits by ministers to Aragon announcing things instead of executing what their obligation as a government is," he said, which has been asked "what has the socialist executive of Sanchez served since he agreed to this responsibility after the motion of censure". "Spain is blocked, the country and Aragon without budgets, and Teruel without the Investment Fund when we are already in the month of November," he stressed.

A situation, the latter, which means for Blasco that "there are no investments in the province." A fact that has justified with the "stoppage" of the 300×100 Plan for the extension of broadband by the socialist Sanchez or also the FITE itself, "which today is not signed."

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