The General Secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, and the Deputy Secretary General of Citizens, Carlos Cuadrado, today signed an agreement in Madrid to attend, in a joint coalition list, the autonomous elections in the Basque Country, which will be held on next April 5th.

The new formation is presented to the elections under the name of “PP + Cs”. The coalition has as its main objective the union of the constitutionalist space in the Basque Country, the strengthening of “unity, equality and freedom”, as well as the defense of the “constitutional framework as the maximum expression of coexistence and union of all Spaniards” .

Consequently, both formations decide to join forces "to deal effectively with the threat of nationalism and independence against the constitutional order." An agreement that, according to the terms of the pact, is established “from the commitment to respect the regional regimes of the territories of Álava, Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya, as defined in the Spanish Constitution”.

In addition, the pact expressly establishes “the acceptance of the Basque economic concert as a current instrument to ensure the freedom, stability, cohesion and development of the citizens of the Basque Country” demanding that the calculation of the quota be made from the principles of maximum transparency and respecting solidarity among all Spaniards.

“This agreement represents the culmination of the aspirations of many Basque citizens, who expected PP and Cs to join forces for a common and inclusive project. A project for the future that will champion the constitutional values ​​that a vast majority of Spaniards share in the face of nationalism and radicalism of the extreme left, ”García Egea and Cuadrado explained after the signing of the agreement.


The agreement establishes that the head of the electoral list of PP + Cs will be designated by the Popular Party and guarantees two exit positions for Cs, as both formations agreed yesterday. The coalition has until March 1 to form the entire electoral lists.

Finally, a campaign commission of the coalition parties will draft and approve the electoral program of PP + Cs, which will represent a point of balance and a synthesis of both projects. The campaign commission will consist of three representatives of the Popular Party and three of Citizens.

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