The Popular Party of Teruel has visited the town of Andorra on Monday and has done so “not to insist again on who has been the culprit of the closure of the Andorra Thermal Power Plant without the existence of a Fair Transition Plan”, but for offer the inhabitants of the locality and the mining regions a "message of optimism and hope" in the face of the situation ahead.

Both the number one of the list of the 'popular' Turolenses to the Congress of Deputies, Alberto Herrero, as his counterpart in the Senate, Manuel Blasco, have stressed that if Pablo Casado is the next president of the Government "will encourage and help ”To those companies that decide to establish themselves in Andorra. "We have to sell the enormous possibilities of this town and Lower Aragon," added the applicant to the Lower House, a purpose for which the leader of the national PP "is absolutely committed."

During his tour of the municipality of Andorra, in which they have been able to detail and neighbors of the town the project of the Popular Party for Andorra, Herrero has insisted on transmitting to Andorran people that “if there is a Government of the Popular Party and Pablo Casado we have the ideas, initiatives and projects that Lower Aragon needs ”. Some actions that it has set in three specific areas: renewable energy, infrastructure construction and the opening of new markets.

With respect to the first area, Herrero has affected the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez because he “has not worked” to take out renewable energy auctions at zero cost for the consumer during the years 2018 and 2019. And he has also been very critical of the elevation of waters of the Ebro, on "the one that nothing else is known, more than the announcement made in their day about the socialist leaders." "They have not worked more," he emphasized.

Among the actions to be undertaken, the candidate for the Lower House has also pointed to the need to open new market paths as has happened with an Andorran company in Taiwan. "It takes work and vision to sell our projects and the work of our companies abroad, as is already happening with Asia thanks to the work carried out with the Taiwanese ambassador," he said.

That is why he wanted to convey a "positive" message. "Only from the stability, coherence, common sense and firm ideas of the Popular Party and Pablo Casado we will make the development needed by the province of Teruel and the mining regions," he complemented.


Blasco, on the other hand, has valued the work that the Popular Party developed in its day with the implementation of the Miner Plan and that supposed “an injection of optimism and jobs in Andorra with new companies”. "If it could be done once, it can be re-used," he stressed, while indicating that "we will speak positively" of the possibilities of Andorra and that "we will return to attract companies as we have done in the past."

"We will do it again," said Blasco, who has shown his conviction that "it is much better to undertake this work with the Popular Party in the Government" because "we have experience in management and good economic work." A fact that will occur "govern who governs" in the town hall of the town because the 'popular' "will not turn their backs on Andorra."

The training project involves the need for a Reindustrialization Plan for mining regions and Andorra, "positively speaking of its enormous possibilities." For this, he has referred to the “wide range of new industries”, such as “not only renewable energy with wind turbines and solar panels”, but also “betting on the manufacture of its components” or through “recycling”. “There are also many opportunities here and we will defend a Special Plan to help those who want to invest in these areas,” he added.


The eighteen months of work of the Government of the Socialist Party and Pedro Sánchez have meant for Herrero "paralysis" in relation to the "important investments" needed by the province of Teruel and over which the Popular Party "had advanced." A time in which "it has only given him time to proclaim the closure of the Andorra Thermal Power Plant in the first place and then to advance it at the end of this year."

"What have we done the Turolenses to deserve this Government and to propitiate the closure of the Thermal Power Plant without having budget items for the energy transition?" The Calandin candidate has asked. A fact that has also caused the farmers of the Calanda-Alcañiz canal to have to assume 100 euros of cost per hectare and also that the construction price of the Santolea swamp is increased by more than half a million euros due to the impossibility of using the ashes during the first six months of the year 2020.

"In the face of a government that only generates problems and uncertainties among the Turolenses, we are going to offer solutions, certainty and help so that Lower Aragon and Andorra can generate employment, economic activity and future prospects," he concluded.

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