La senadora del Partido Popular, Adela Pedrosa

The spokeswoman for Equality of the Popular Group in the Senate, Adela Pedrosa, has accused both the 2nd vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, and the socialist party of “blocking an investigation commission on child abuse supervised in the Balearic parliament and in the Valencian Community.

This is what the PP senator said during the control session of the Government in the Upper House, where she asked Iglesias if she is not interested in investigating the case of sexual abuse of minors protected in the Balearic Islands and in the Valencian Community .

Pedrosa has described as "disgusting" not wanting to investigate child abuse and reminded the vice president of his words when he was in opposition: "I will never veto an investigative commission because citizens have the right to know the truth." Therefore, the popular senator asked if these words were only for the commissions that affected the PP.

“The crimes we are talking about – he has told Iglesias – are very serious, such as prostituted girls, sexual assaults, child abuse, pimping, child abuse and possible drug use. Do not you think it is serious enough that the matter can be dealt with in an investigation commission?

In addition, the spokeswoman for Equality of the GPP has reproached Pablo Iglesias that neither he, nor the head of Equality of the Government, Irene Montero, "have done nothing but become worthy and throw balls out to evade their responsibility."

During his speech at the Plenary, Pedrosa recalled the 16 cases of sexual exploitation of children under guardianship in Mallorca, as well as new cases have occurred in Menorca and the Valencian Community. In addition, he referred to the case of “then husband” of Monica Oltra, sentenced to 5 years in prison for a continued sexual offense against a minor.

“Mrs. Oltra, vice president responsible for juvenile centers, hid evidence for four months and did not give legal protection to the child. This girl, despite being a victim, arrived handcuffed to the Provincial Court as if she were a criminal, while the stalker – Oltra's husband – continued to work in the juvenile center, ”he denounced.

Finally, the spokeswoman for Equality of the Popular group has asked the vice president "zero tolerance" to this scourge of child abuse. "We want cases to be investigated so that they do not occur again in any corner of Spain and now it is your responsibility to protect the girls, boys and women from their aggressors and exploiters."

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