El senador del GPP, Fernando de Rosa

GPP Justice spokesman Fernando de Rosa says this appointment has broken the CGPJ in two

The spokesman for Justice of the Popular Group in the Senate, Fernando de Rosa, has said that the appointment of former Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, as Attorney General of the State “politicizes Justice and has broken the General Council of the Judiciary in two "

During the session of control to the Government held this afternoon in the Senate, Fernando de Rosa has assured that said appointment is a “clear blow to judicial independence and calls into question the position of the Prosecutor's Office”. Where has it been to ensure the independence of Justice? ”He asked.

The spokesman of Justice of the popular in the Upper House has recalled the statements of Pedro Sánchez when he said that the State Prosecutor's Office depended on the Government and assured that the appointment of Delgado “is the clear expression of what the Socialist Executive thinks about who He orders in the Prosecutor's Office ”.

In addition, Fernando de Rosa recalled that the current Attorney General was rejected three times by the Courts when she was Minister of Justice; it is "splashed" by the Villarejo case; he mocked the sexual condition of Minister Marlaska; he boasted of witnessing crimes of corruption of minors that he did not report; considered prostitution an advisable activity; and made it clear that he preferred male judges instead of women.

"What can we expect from the new Attorney General if he did not defend Judge Llarena before the civil lawsuit brought by Puigdemont?" Asked the senator of the PP, who has also reproached him for not defending judges and prosecutors "attacked, indicated and persecuted by the independence radicals in Catalonia ”.

Finally, Fernando de Rosa has advised the Minister of Justice that, “since the new Government has three judges, give classes to President Sánchez on Title VI of the Constitution, that is, on the Judiciary, the separation of powers and respect for the Courts ”.

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