Jorge Domingo Martínez Antolín interviene en el Senado.

Jorge Martínez Antolín has lamented "that everything in this Government is a lie, ineffectiveness and pure paraphernalia"

The spokesperson for Agriculture of the Popular Parliamentary Group, Jorge Martínez Antolín, has accused the Government of Sánchez of spending more time "dedicated to radicalism and attacking the Constitution and the monarchy, than to defending our farmers and ranchers."

During the control session held this afternoon in the Senate, Martínez Antolín asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, "what information does the Government have in relation to the funds of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) for the next period 2020-2027 ”.

In his speech, Martínez Antolín assured that he did not understand "how it can be that the European Council recognizes a cut in the CAP of € 46,000 million and you – in direct reference to the minister – deny the cut and of course the figure you have achieved" . "Is it a good result in the negotiation to have obtained 10% less money for our primary sector? Is that what the Socialist deputies applaud in their provinces, the loss of € 5,000 million for our farmers and ranchers?" the PP senator has asked.

In this sense, Martínez Antolín has claimed to know the minister's "ability to deceive and lie", "what we did not know was his facet of cheating the lonely," he lamented.

Thus, the GPP Agriculture spokesperson explained that it cannot be computed as CAP, which will be perceived as reconstruction funds to alleviate the effects of Covid19; "By the way, another negotiation to get these funds in which they have shown their ineffectiveness, because with € 15,000 million planned for rural development, the final budget has been cut in half, € 7,500 million."

"That is what matters to this socialist-communist government the primary sector, reflected in a very meager 1% of the total of all reconstruction funds that there will be," he added.


In his speech, Jorge Martínez Antolín, lamented "that everything in this Government is a lie, ineffectiveness and pure paraphernalia"; Furthermore, he added that the reconstruction funds for agriculture are the only ones that have co-financing, and if there is no co-financing, these funds do not reach the agricultural sector. "Are you going to provide that co-financing?"

In this sense, the PP senator for Palencia has given France as examples, which contributes € 1,200 million in aid to its farmers and ranchers; or Italy, with € 2,000 million; or Germany, which put them in place even before the pandemic.

Likewise, Martínez Antolín reminded Planas that he still has time to get more money for our primary sector, and for this, “it must demand that there be greater compatibility between funds and that the sector can access all those European funds of the Financial Framework Multi-year ”.

"We must make the rural world technologically attractive if we want our young people to stay in the countryside and we can fight against depopulation", added the senator from Palencia.

Finally, Martínez Antolín recalled that the European Agriculture Ministers will meet on October 19 and 20 to reach a political agreement on the regulation of the future CAP; "Let's hope you do not do what you did in the previous meeting, who preferred to attend an act by Mr. Sánchez, instead of defending the interests of our farmers and ranchers, so that they do not lose a single euro of what was achieved by the Government of the PP in the previous stage ”, has ended.

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