El senador del Partido Popular, José Vicente Marí

The spokesman for the Budget of the Popular Group in the Senate, José Vicente Marí, has accused the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, during the debate on the objectives of budgetary stability and public debt for the years 2020 and 2021, of “creating a lot of taxes to hammer your accounts. ”

In addition, at the beginning of his speech, Marí reminded Minister Montero that he was appearing “in the House that represents national sovereignty and territorial diversity that the Socialist Government intends to muzzle,” depriving the Senate of its voice capacity in the debate of stability objectives.

The GPP Budget spokesman has accused Montero of wanting to raise taxes on diesel, airplanes or containers, while talking about increasing excise taxes or eliminating hiring incentives. “They are not going to leave puppets with their heads and they are going to subject the Spaniards to the same tax hell that you submitted to the Andalusians during their time as Counselor,” he has recriminated the Minister of Finance.

Thus, the spokesman of PP Budgets has referred to the "fantasies" of Mrs. Montero in terms of their income forecast, and reminded him of the statements of "his benchmate," Minister Escrivá, who said that Income estimates were very optimistic about macroeconomic forecasts. "You overestimate tax revenue by more than 1.5 billion euros," he has reproached.

According to Marí, all the measures proposed by the Socialist Executive “affect the average income of our country, not the rich” and, therefore, has asked the minister if she has not assessed the contractual effects that her measures will have On economic activity.

The senator of the Popular Group has also referred to the increase of the public deficit, and has affirmed that “between 7 tenths more of public deficit and the overestimated income, they increase the ceiling of expense until the 127.600 million euros in the year 2020 and until the 131,400 million in 2021. ”

"Seeing the monthly execution to November 2019 and as a result of not having done anything in 20 months of Government, the year 2019 will close with a public deficit of 2.5-2.7%, that is, above 30,000 million euros, ”he said.

Given these deficit figures, Marí has ​​asked Minister Montero to explain to the Spaniards how she will be able to adjust in this exercise about 8,000 million, "with an economic slowdown and a proposal for uncontrolled spending."

"The contraction of internal demand and widespread increases in taxes to companies and freelancers, will lead to the destruction of employment, which is what normally happens when the Socialists govern," said the spokesman for the GPP Budget.

Therefore, José Vicente Marí has ​​explained the need to carry out the structural reforms that our economy needs to overcome the slowdown, establishing incentives for job creation, improving its quality, reducing taxes, stimulating consumption and reducing consumption. public indebtedness, among others.

Finally, the PP spokesman said that "today, the Spanish expect from their Government effective policies that preserve the effort made by the Spanish to get out of the crisis, and not a government engaged in discussing secession."

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