Casado proposes a commission of inquiry into the management of the pandemic to determine the “negligence” of the Government and its responsibilities
Today, during an interview at Cope

Senator Ramón Rodríguez affirms that these schools feel “ignored, ignored and forgotten by the administration”

He assures that "schools are threatened with death and if there are no schools there are no artists"

The senator of the Popular Group for Albacete, Ramón Rodríguez, has accused the PSOE, in the Culture Commission of the Upper House, of “leaving more than 3,000 performing arts schools that we have in our country in the lurch”, after having voted against a motion presented by the PP in support of this group. "Schools are threatened with death and, if there are no schools, there are no artists," he said emphatically. During his speech in defense of the initiative of his Group, Rodríguez stated that the performing arts schools "feel ignored, neglected and forgotten by the administration" and recalled that they have been with their doors closed for 7 months. "Many have not been able to reopen and those that have faced few fees and many expenses," he pointed out. The senator of the Popular Group has assured that "if urgent fiscal, economic and labor measures are not applied, the performing arts professionals – dance, circus, theater – will be forced to close their schools" and has stressed that "we like to show off figures like Nacho Duato, Joaquin Cortes or Angel Corella, but we forget the schools where they have been trained ”. Therefore, the motion presented by the popular in the Senate urged the Government to apply fiscal, economic and labor measures, which would allow these schools to resume their activity with guarantees of continuity. Thus, it proposed to discount 100% of the Social Security fee from the first day of sick leave for those self-employed workers infected by COVID or in quarantine. Likewise, the GPP initiative includes the following measures:

Restore the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity for all the self-employed who are not beneficiaries of the ordinary one who are affected by restrictions on their activity due to outbreaks.

Extension of the ordinary “special” cessation of activity (compatible with the activity) until April 1, 2021.

Adapt the contributions of the self-employed to the real income obtained, in such a way that if the income has been non-existent, the contribution is zero. At zero income, zero fee.

Guarantee, in an effective and real way, the benefit for cessation of activity for all the self-employed who see their turnover reduced by 40% instead of the current 75%.

Restore the flat rate for new freelancers at 50 euros, instead of the current 60 euros.  Establish a reduction in the contribution of the self-employed with a drop equal to or greater than 50% in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the same quarter of 2019 until April 1, 2021, for a time to be agreed.

Include the Performing Arts schools in the new extension of the ERTEs, with a view to the exemption of social security contributions, until April 1, 2021.

Complement the aid granted to employed workers in performing arts schools (teachers and non-teachers), whether it is ERTEs or unemployment benefits, with the minimum vital income quickly and effectively, in order to save the difficult subsistence situation in which these workers find themselves.

Urge the Autonomous Communities to grant a non-refundable grant amounting to € 3,000 to alleviate part of the losses derived from the cessation of activity and, at the same time, of the expense involved in resuming the activity again with the new conditions of health security.

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