• The deputy secretary of Organization, Ana Beltrán, has moved to the Castillo de Pamplona square to denounce the "serious disturbances" that occurred last night by "the abertzale left, the heirs of Batasuna and now friends of Sánchez"
  • He warns that the repeal of the labor reform that created 3 million jobs will increase "the queues of hunger" and that the 4 million citizens in ERTE could move to an ERE
  • He claims that "Sánchez has deceit and treason in his DNA" and with the pact with Bildu, he has betrayed his ministers, the socialist victims of ETA and all Spaniards.
  • Remember that Sánchez has previously agreed with Bildu in Navarra and his own investiture "with those who still do not condemn the murders, kidnappings and extortion of innocents"

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