Dolors Montserrat en las jornadas

The PP today asked the European Commission to work on a joint strategy of the European Union (EU) with the United Kingdom to avoid major damage to tourism such as that caused by the recent unilateral decision by the London government to establish a mandatory quarantine for travelers returning from Spain.

In a question sent today to the European Commission, the PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, and MEPs Gabriel Mato, You will be pink and Pablo Arias They have consulted the Community Executive if it is working with the United Kingdom, which since the beginning of this year is no longer a member state of the EU, "to face the consequences of the virus and, in particular, its impact on the tourism sector."

Likewise, the MEPs have asked the European Commission “what coordination strategy is being carried out so that the EU countries bet on safe tourism and avoid restrictions between European countries that harm the tourism sector, which is key for the European economy ”.

In this sense, MEPs have recalled that the British government's decision is one of the "worst news" that the Spanish tourism sector could receive, which represents 12% of Spanish GDP.

They have also asked Brussels if it believes that these restrictions imposed by the United Kingdom respect the withdrawal agreement signed between this country and the EU on the occasion of Brexit, which became effective in early 2020.

Dolors Montserrat He assured that "in the face of a government like the Spanish, which abandons tourism and gives it back just when its support is most needed, the EU must support this sector, which is key for the European and Spanish economy and which generates so much employment "

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