El senador del PP, Rodrigo Mediavilla

The Defense spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Rodrigo Mediavilla, along with the other popular senators of the Commission of the branch, has asked the Government, through a motion registered in the House for debate and vote in the Commission of Defense, “that an extraordinary and comprehensive bonus of contributions to Social Security and contributions to pension systems be approved, charged to the General State Budgets; as well as a complete exemption from personal income tax in the wages received during Operation Balmis, for all members of the Armed Forces who have participated in it. ”

The popular initiative, as explained by Mediavilla, highlights the "complicated situation" in which the COVID-19 pandemic has put Spanish society and that "has also caused numerous exemplary actions in the discharge of responsibilities. One of the groups that has worked the most to fight the virus, on the front line of battle, have been our men and women from the Armed Forces within Operation Balmis ”.

"If the pandemic has demonstrated anything, it has been the courage, fearlessness and extraordinary vocation of service to Spain of our Armed Forces," said the defense spokesman for the popular in the Upper House.

Rodrigo Mediavilla also wanted to highlight that, according to data from the Ministry of Defense itself on June 1, more than 180,000 military personnel have been deployed in the development of Operation Balmis, who have carried out nearly 20,000 interventions in localities of all the provinces of our national territory.

"The entire Spanish society values ​​the example given, throughout these months, by our men and women of the Armed Forces, who have had to fight the virus, often with little means of protection to carry out this task," he said. the palentino senator, for which, "we understand that it is necessary to tangibly reward the commendable work, carried out with a very great professionalism", has ended.

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