Marga Prohens durante su intervención en la Comisión de Igualdad


  • The spokeswoman for Equality of the GPP, Marga Prohens, announces that the Popular Group will register in the Congress of Deputies the request for the creation of an Investigation Commission on the abuses suffered by minors supervised by the Administration in the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community .

  • He affirms that "the silence of the minister" on the case of abused minors is placed "on the wrong side of the story." "If he does not contradict his party in the Balearic Islands and the regional government, it is because he supports them, then he is also a cover-up and an accomplice," says Irene Montero.

  • Ask Montero why are these girls invisible to you? What are they covering? Who are they covering up? Change your attitude, announce that you are going to support the Research Commission that proposes the PP and answer my questions, because if we don't have to keep saying that: ‘where are we, we don't see them, women from Podemos’

  • Denounces that the minister "has run out of voice on certain issues that affect him", which has caused "not only running out of speech, but also without credibility." "Not one more feminism lesson, nor one more sample of moral superiority," he says.


  • Remember that Podemos bore the PP Government with the responsibility for the murders of gender violence. "The GPP is more serious and will not use women as a throwing weapon, but the Government must act before the worst February since 2005", so it urges it to convene the State Pact, although it doubts the commitment of United We can with this agreement to be the only party that did not sign it.

  • Demands Montero to withdraw his latest statements that accuse the National Police of sexist attitudes: “Ask for forgiveness for it and send a clear message to women who suffer gender violence to go to a police station to report, because no they are alone".

  • He asks the Government "seriousness and responsibility" in the fight against gender violence because "violence has gender but not ideology." "Feminism is not heritage of the left, neither women nor the streets," he says.


  • Claims Irene Montero to abandon her exclusive “marketing” concern in her announced Sexual Freedom Act for March 8, and act as a minister.

  • Ask "if you are going to follow the theory of the new Director of the Women's Institute" to gradually eliminate prisons and reduce sentences, also for sexual assault. "


  • “Equal opportunities would be for you to make a policy to promote daycare centers in companies, and so all women could do like you and take your child to work,” he emphasizes.

  • He points out that “with the PP Government, the highest levels of working women were reached, the wage gap was reduced by 4.5% and those of pensions by 13%,” and regrets that “since Pedro Sánchez governs, about 30,000 women have gone unemployed. ”

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