El senador del GPP, Franciso Bernabé

• Remember that the Coastal Law and the Water Law make it very clear that the responsibility of these domains is of “exclusively state ownership”

The senator of the PP for Murcia, Francisco Barnabas, has demanded to the Minister of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, that the Government assumes its responsibilities and "undertakes the necessary investments in tenders, in works, with money on the table" to curb the problem of the Mar Menor and "don't keep looking the other way."

“The Mar Menor was delicate, but after the last floods its state is critical, we are more than 400,000 people who live in the Mar Menor environment; many live directly from it, with tourism, hospitality, commerce, fishing or nautical; but beyond these economic reasons, for us it is a feeling, a way of understanding life, it is part of our DNA and we want to recover it, but we cannot do it alone, ”explained the Murcian popular senator.

In this regard, Francisco Bernabé has asked the minister for help: “We need your help, Minister. Do not let us die … SOS Mar Menor, Government of Spain! ”, He has apostilled.

Barnabas referred to the Plenary of the Senate, after asking the fourth vice president of the Government and Minister of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera on the measures that the Government plans to carry out in the Mar Menor, after the three episodes of torrential rains, floods and sludge trawling suffered during the last months.

Throughout his speech, Francisco Bernabé recalled that the bottom problem of the Mar Menor is the massive entry of fresh water loaded with nitrates, which arrives both superficially by the ramblas, and underground by the leaks of the aquifer of the Cartagena field.

Thus, it has made it very clear that “who has to undertake the solution to that problem, the legislation tells us very clearly: The Water Law in its articles 1 and 2 establishes that surface waters and their channels plus groundwater make up the public hydraulic domain; and the Coastal Law in its articles 1 to 6 establishes that the territorial sea, inland waters, lagoons, beaches, etc. they are the land maritime public domain ”

"Both domains exclusively owned by the state", he has remarked with firmness, after which he recalled that background shows that this regulation has always been respected; in Aznalcóllar in 1998 and with the Prestige in 2002, where a PP Government appeared with 1,200 million euros to save these environmental disasters. ”


“What will the PSOE Government do now, Minister? The senator asked and continued "Are they going to lend us a hand or are they going to keep looking the other way?" "We hope that in the Government of Spain rectify and allow the Government of Murcia to subscribe the loan that has already been granted by the European Investment Bank of 320 million euros, which are entirely intended to repair the damage of the DANA and put the part of the Autonomous Community in the Zero Discharge Plan ”.

Finally, Francisco Barnabas has assured that this is the only reality and “we do not admit the deficit excuse knowing, as the Government knows, that we are terribly under-funded; we certainly do not accept what they suggest to us by way of blackmail that we raise taxes on Murcia to pay for those works. ”

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