• Claim the minutes of the constitutive session held on December 3 and the full reproduction of all interventions

The spokesperson of the Popular Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has sent a letter to the Bureau of Congress in which it requests that all interventions that in the constitutional session departed from the established legal formula be reviewed, agreeing not to acquire the condition full of deputies to those who used phrases that, "in clear transgression of the law and constitutional jurisprudence, emptied content or included limiting elements" to the simple and necessary act of constitutional compliance.

The GPP also claims that the legal grounds that led the president to ignore “totally and absolutely” what was stipulated in the House Rules and the reasons for disregarding the request made by the PP previously for everyone's interventions to be recorded were indicated the elected deputies.

The Bureau should also agree on the full reproduction of these interventions, and send the minutes of the plenary session held on December 3 to the GPP.

In the event that the Board does not comply with the GPP's requests to annul the formulas it considers unconstitutional, the PP has already announced that it is willing to resort to the Constitutional Court.

The brief presented to the Bureau recalls the intervention in said session of the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, "before the palmar breach by various elected deputies of the duty to abide by the Constitution", although President Batet hastened to declare that all had Acquired full status of deputies.

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