The PP will ask, in the next plenary session in Strasbourg, that the European Parliament be positioned and make a clear defense of the interests of European farmers and ranchers against the threat of Donald Trump's tariffs.
The Popular Group will demand a debate that concludes with measures to reverse the damage that tariffs may cause.
The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors MontserratHe has shown his commitment to the Spaniards and Europeans who will be affected by this announcement by the President of the United States: "We cannot look the other way while our farmers and ranchers are jeopardizing their exports"
"The EU must react and take exceptional compensation measures to cushion the damage that these tariffs will cause to our farmers and ranchers," he added.
"It is our obligation to demand support for exports and the promotion of our products" he asked.
"We are talking about the future of Spanish products such as olive oil or wine, in short, the future of the Spanish field that generates so much employment in our country"
"The Popular Party will defend, as it has always done, the interests of the Spaniards and will require the Government of Pedro Sánchez to do so," said Dolors Montserrat.

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